The Errors Those Men Committed:

  • The Errors Those Men Committed, By Mike Bamiloye

The Old Wine and the New Wine can not stay together in a wineskin. This Mantle of New Wine can not be poured into the old wineskin of your unbroken life. Jesus said, “the Wineskin will burst, and the wine will spill”

That was the mistake of Judas Iscarrot. He followed Jesus Christ and received his power and authority to cast out demons and heal the sick, when they were sent out in twos, but inside the wineskin was this spirit of covetousness and greed. He received a New Wine in a Old wineskin. the wineskin eventually burst. He died miserably.

Gehazi also committed that error. He followed Elisha and was accompanying him everywhere. He received the power and authority in a wineskin of covetousness and greed. He died a leper. Samson was another man, who received heavy anointing upon himself and wore the mantle of Power and Authority upon his old garment of lustfulness and immorality. He spent half of his years and died shamefully in the midst of his enemies.

My advice. You must fulfill destiny only when you cross to the place of power. You must fit into the programs of God and make impact in your generation, only when you are ready to pay the price for your self and your generation as Joseph paid and Daniel paid. What, therefore, must you do? Elisha got hold of his clothes, and tore it into two. Quick

You must do away with all these lifestyle, attitudes, characters, habits and behaviors that will not let you fulfill the purpose of your existence and impact your generation. You want the Mantle? Lay hold on your clothes, and tear them into two.[

Mike Bamiloye is an evangelist, revivalist and founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Television.

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