Powerful Steps To Overcome discouragement

Discouragement is an emotion or feeling that sets in when you begin to feel hopeless about the future, at this point you see the situation you are passing through as a never-ending encounter, this leads to a state of losing confidence or enthusiasm about something.

Discouragement is a negative feeling which can lead to outright depression.

Situations that can lead to discouragement.

certain life challenges can lead a person to discouragement, some of them are;

  • Failed marriage/relationship
  • financial difficulties
  • unmet expectations
  • health problems
  • Death of a loved one, this and many more life issues can lead to discouragement.

Being discouraged can lead to different physical and psychological conditions, it can lead to loss of weight,fatigue or consistent tiredness, migraines, mental confusions, depression which may finally lead to suicide.


  1. Be honest about your feeling-acknowledge the fact that you feel discouraged.
  2. Learn to appreciate yourself and achievements -realise that you are a work in progress and with time your dreams will be achieved.
  3. mingle with cheerful people-this may be friends, family members, a pastor, or a coach, stay close with people with the positive mindset.
  4. Spend more time with God-going to a Christian gathering, studying the word of God helps to feel energized and courageous because God is the giver of strength and there is not a day spent knowing him that doesn’t add value to our lives
  5. Realize that you aren’t alone-God has placed people around you, this people can be a source of strength
  6. Reward yourself-always reward your self for every form of milestone you have reached.
  7. keep track of your happiest days-go back to it when a form of discouragement arises,you can write down your achieved goals in a journal where you refer to each day
  8. Take care of your physical health-your body should not be overstressed as this will lead to frustration.
  9. master the act of Thanksgiving to God
  10. Devote yourself to prayer.

God has instructed us to be strong and courageous, he has promised to be with us till the end of our days, your faith in God will surmount every challenges and crises you will ever face.


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