Religion Is The Source Of Hope, Churches And Mosques To Resume 21st June -Sanwo Olu

Religion Is The Source Of Hope, Churches And Mosques To Resume 21st June:

The Lagos State Governor has said religion is such an activity that humanity can not do without.

The Governor declared this in a statement Friday on Twitter.

According to him, steps have been taken to ease lockdown especially on public gathering.

Governor Sanwo noted that all religious activities in the state should operate at “40% Capacity” encouraging worship centers to use technology in some of their activities.

Read the full statement:

Around the world, we are seeing examples of how we can live and thrive even as we work towards a cure or vaccine for #COVID19.

Today, we take further steps in easing some restrictions on public gatherings, and other decisions as we adjust to this reality.

Religion is a source of hope and light for many and we recognise its role in shaping our society.

Today, we announce the resumption of religious activities at 40% capacity for mosques and churches from June 19 and June 21 respectively with face masks and other precautions.

Our religious leaders must lead by example and put the safety of lives first.

The reopening is limited to only obligatory services and with a ‘No face mask, No entry’ policy throughout the duration of the services. Vigils and other extra-religious activities remain prohibited.

Persons above the age of 65 years and below the age of 15 are prohibited from participating in organised religious gatherings.

Religious centres should embrace technology and virtual platforms for these members and others who choose to continue with this mode of worship.

Social and entertainment centres, such as clubs, gyms, spas, parks, and cinemas will remain closed for the next two weeks. Operators will prepare for reopening by registering with the Lagos State Safety Commission and getting acquainted with the detailed guidelines and requirements.

Public service workers from Grade Levels 13 and 14 will return to work from June 8 while Level 1-12 will stay away from the office till further notice.

Private companies can now operate from 7am-6pm but are advised to work in shifts to prevent overcrowding.

In our collective efforts to defeat #COVID19, it is important to know that the virus isn’t on a break so we must continue to take precautions. The public health advisories and guidelines are for our wellbeing and safety.

I must say again that the use of masks in public places remains mandatory. It is not optional. You must wear a facemask when you are out and about in public. I urge us to take responsibility for our personal safety and conduct when we are out of our homes.

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