Kanu And Docubo Will Still Reconcile Respect Them -Emeka Gift

One of the IPOB notable member, Emeka Gift has warned those posting one thing or the other on the social media against Asari Dokubo to stop.

While reacting and advising people on the personality clash between Nnamdi Kanu and Asari Dokubo, Gift noted that chaos is always an occurrence.

He stressed that people should desist from prolonging matters that they know that will be settled soon.

“Those of you publishing picture that looks like Asari Dokubo in a room should please take those pictures down.

In as much we disagree, we must respect people’s privacy, we must also give room for future round table discussion and possible reconciliation depending.

We disagree to agree, debate is healthy, it makes us stronger and gives us the enablement to be more careful when dealing with public mostly very sensitive Biafrans.

I strongly believe that there are rooms for a healthy discussion between our leaders. We should not destroy completely, good and fine for a war of words it makes us human, it is healthy, it is necessary, but we should make provisions for future discussion, because after every war or disagreement comes a round table discussion and possibly reconciliation. Biafra is our target”.

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