Hypocritical Christian And God’s Anger:

Hypocritical Christian And God’s Anger, By Paul Paulinus:

In year 2016, a woman from South Africa contacted me after reading my ministrations on internet against women immodesty dressing — where I emphasizes how the women of the last day parading in ….

— In earrings and Jewelries.
— Makes up and Bleaching.

— Hair attachments and wigs.
— Women trousers and seductive dressing.

— Mouth painting and nails polishing.
— Artificial buttocks and Breasts enlargement.

After stumbling such end time message she couldn’t hold it to herself because she is a General Overseer and owns one of the large Church congregation in South Africa with many church branches and pastors under her Ministry.

This elderly woman said and I quote

“….I have read your ministrations on internet and I’m greatly convinced that it’s from God because the backups scriptures were there staring at me… But My brother, what can I do?

I replied and said…

“…My beloved sister, it’s better you win just one single soul for your master and nurtured him or her in truth and in righteousness rather gathering multitude and keep entertaining them with inspirational Messages and allowed them to keep on parading in Jezebel attires and eventually leads them to Hell”

After awhile, she came back and told me that many members had left the church and that includes some Pastors because of sudden introduction of modest dressing.

This woman was Heart Broken, disappointed and was in state of dilemma.

She didn’t know what else to do or how to convinced of the truth and persuade them to stay behind because the church was almost empty.

I replied and said…

“….My beloved sister, another word for Christianity is Suffering….So I need you endured at the moment and God himself will lured many who are really after true repentance to the Church”

She was encouraged and after 4 years of that glorious transformation…. The Gate of Hell was greatly Disappointed because the church of Christ is still matching on…..all because she refused to be an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

My Sister What About You…

You have been in a Church for years painting Italian zigzag and mafia semi color because of craved for beauty….

Now, you can’t do without female trousers and hair attachments….. all because your hypocrite Pastor who is under God’s anger allows it.

One dangerous thing about been a minister of God is that…

“……Many shall be used by the Holy Spirit and abandoned and the Master shall scream at them on that day and said…..

“….. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven….. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?….And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity — Mat 7:21-23:

Let Continue…

Now, few months later she came back with the issue of her husband whom she has divorcee and remarry.

I opened the scriptures to her understanding and she eventually reconciled back with her husband and sent the second man packing out of her life……all because she refused to be an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

My brother in the church…. what have you sacrificed because of Heaven…

Just common Delilah whom you called girlfriend which has create a huge enmity between you and God…..is still same person you are busy kissing and romancing your way to Hell — I pity your generation.

Anyway Let Continue…

In year 2018, there was a lady who came in contact with me — a Nigerian but found herself in Muslim country called Oman.

While working as an housemaid she came in contact with me due to the horrible torment she was passing through.

— She was obstructed from reading Bible.

— She was hindered from praising, worshipping and praying unto God.

She found her spiritual life in morgue because there were no sign of church in the country.

However, through internet and social media her spiritual life was quickly rushed to the heavenly theater for surgically operations and revival and eventually she got fire and revival was set lose.

One fateful day, the employees caught her praying and tried to poison her.

They gave food but the Spirit of God minister that she should give the food to their cat and that was how the cat kick the bucket.

The employees confronted her after the failed mission and ask her to choose between her Christianity and her Job?

She turned down the Job and cling to her Bible and keep on feeding her spiritual life with the words from the WhatsApp Group and other social media.

She was eventually deported to Nigeria and when she shared her previous picture before her journey to Oman and the present pictures after the deportation… I wept, tears drop from my eyes and inwardly I was so challenged by her sacrificed and willing to go to the cross for crucifixion despite the threat.

While in Nigeria, she has only few dresses and the church here accommodated her and they kept supporting her while few friends were against her actions for not denying Christ and embrace her Job.

Nevertheless, at this moment, she has boldly denied that same CHRIST she accepted in Oman and went into FORNICATION and also Jezebel attires all because she was an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

My Sister In The Church….I’m Talking To You…

Now listen…. isn’t how you started that matters but how you finish your eternity race.

It’s only those who are willing to pay the price always finish strong because another word for CHRISTIANITY is SUFFERING

Anyway… Let Continue…

In year 2016, a woman in northern Nigeria called me after reading my article on social media about divorcement.

She was married but left her husband and remarry and also has kids.

She attends Deeper Life Bible Church but unfortunately still living as an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

After counseling her and encouragement she meet her Pastor as I instructed and the man also opened her understanding to the scriptures.

She eventually took the bold of step and left the second man with her kids and reconciled with her first husband who is at the village.

She is presently with her family and few months ago she called me that her children is now under a scholarship …….all because she refused to be an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

My Beloved, What Price Have You Paid …

Common pornography, you can’t stop watching….

Okay, what about reading of 5 chapters of the Bible Per day from Mathew To Revelations…


That one is like swimming across the red sea and you think hell won’t engulfed you in eternity…. all because you are an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger…..May God help you.

Anyway, Let Continue…

In year 2019, a sister caller me, she is married with kids but her husband reside in another state but along the line she was caught up in cobweb of adultery.

She attends The Lord’s Chosen Church and for 2 years she has been under the shackles and bondage of adultery and still under the church as an hypocrite Christian.

After talking with her she was crushed in guilt and cursed herself and wish she wasn’t born.

She once attempted to commit suicide because she can’t withstand the shame and horror in opening up to her husband.

I eventually place her on a fasting and back up with prayer. God assured her through dreams that noting will happen to her but yet the oceans of fear was all over.

She hearken to my counsel and opened up to the Pastor and she couldn’t believe what happened because when God’s favor speaks….every shame and reproached shall flee.

Now, I told her, sister is time to go to Lagos (Nigeria) and break that calabash of hidden immoral sin that had kept your blessings in bondage for years.

She called and said…

“…My brother, I don’t think I can do this…. I’m a Igbo woman and married to same tribe and it’s a taboo to for an ear to hear such and moreover my husband is a hot Temper Man and my mum will definitely cursed me”

I kept on encouraging her and eventually she found herself in Lagos but yet… To confess to her husband is like defeating Alexander The Great In Battle.

After much persuasion she opened up and to her greatest surprise her husband hug her and tell her not to worry because it’s all in the past.

I was in Sunday fellowship when an SMS enter and she told me how an angel of God appear to her in dream and gave her my phone number and God using me for her isn’t by mistake.

When I eventually meet her In Lagos last year (2019) December, she was so happy and almost hug me in presence of church members…. all because she refused to be an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger.

The encounter and stories I have seen and witnessed are much but I will love to stop here because God wants to reach out to someone who is an hypocrite Christian under God’s anger…


One unpleasant mysterious event that will shock my Christian is that… “The Holy Ghost will used many but God will reject them after death”

Now, Listen My Brother…

All because you can speak in tongues for hours and preach the gospel and lured many uncountable souls to God doesn’t mean….God won’t use you and later abandon you” …due to your Hypocritical Christian lifestyle.

There was a King in the Bible was in good tone with God and God promised to uphold him all because he served God with all his heart and trusted in him

Now… Something happens…

God send his prophet and he said and I quote….

“… And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin; The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you — 2nd Chro 15:2”

Now Listen…

Most of you were brought up in a strong Christian homes with a mother or dad who fear the Lord greatly while some were brought up in faulty foundation but eventually found their path with God.

You have accepted Christ Jesus and assured yourself of making Heaven and your eyes has been opened to the scriptures to behold God’s promise for your life… But unfortunately, you now behold yourself treading on the path of hypocritical lifestyle.

Let Continue Our Bible Story …

After awhile, the king refused to cast all his hope and trust unto God and God send the same prophet ..

He said and I quote…

“…… For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars — 2nd Chro 16:9.

Now, He became trapped in his sin as most of you are already trapped.

— Your are in a glorious spiritually revival Church but still trapped in bondage of fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography, lies, stealing, anger, sexy social media chats ….

….and instead to sort the face of God in repentance you are busy fighting the pastors and church members.

— You are in a reviving WhatsApp group like this ….but still trapped and struggling with masturbation and pornography addiction.

….. and instead to get serious and sort the face of the Lord…. you now found yourself looking for beautiful ladies and handsome men to keep you connected .

Now The Scriptures Said And I Quote …

” …… And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great : yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord , but to the physicians….And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign — 2nd Chro 16:12—13

Now, My Brother Listen…

God is watching you and if you refused to sort his face in genuine repentance, he will definitely afflicts you and in that affliction, you will know that God is angry with sinners everyday.

“….God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day…..Psalm 7:11”

My sister, Who Has done This To You…

— You were once a fire branded Daughter of Zion.

— When you sing and dance even the whole angels stand in admiration but today, the devil is laughing and mocking God because of your present hypocrites lifestyle in the Church.

— You are in the church but secretly having sex with men and trapped but in the church they know you as Sister Pentecost under God’s anger.

Now, listen to what awaits you tomorrow if you don’t repent now!!…


One sunday evening in July 1974, Allen Bamgbose, a young Naval officer was with his friends when he suddenly give up the Ghost and found himself in Hell.

He Wrote…

“…..Since the departure of the angel that brought me, thousands of people had entered throughout the same and trotted down into hell, but the place remained as spacious as ever.

While I was yet trapped down by this awful scene, I discovered that one of the hell inmates was drawing a lit bit closer to the bank.

She crawled like a fly near the bound set between hell bank and the land.

” A-ll-en, A-ll-en,” shouted the lady.

I was shocked to the root to hear my name in hell. I didn’t recognize on the time who the person was, because the face was marred and disfigured by the fire; the skin was blackened by the flame and littered by sores.

Who are you?”

I asked with great inquisitiveness?”

She shouted again: “A-ll-en Bamgbose, I am Rita; your hostel mate in the Grammar school. O-o-oh I’m hungry, p-l-e-a-s-e help m-e-e…”

I was flabbergasted at seeing Rita in Hell. Rita in Hell ?

It must be a dream. But Rita died a good Christian!

I soliloquised all these questions right on the same spot.

To cut a long story short, human feelings gripped me and I thought I could help her out of that predicament.

Thus, I took a step to move to her, but my legs were too heavy for me to lift.

I looked around for my friendly angel again, he was nowhere to be found.

“Rita, why are you here?

You are a child of God, why did you miss heaven?

We organised concerts, carol and quiz competitions in our school fellowship and you didn’t disappoint God.

You were very good at sword drill and impromptu speech.


I sobbed out these statements.

“Yes, I did all that in the Grammar school, Allen,” she replied “but later in life and two months to my graduation in the university, I yielded to a sinful affair with a boy at home during a short break.

I thought of repenting in the campus chapel when the school resumed. But on returning from home, I had a motor accident.

The next thing I discovered was that I found myself in the gate over there and an angel asked me to go to the left road which ends in this place,” she revealed.

O-o-oh Rita, why did you allow this, after all the evangelism in the boarding house, choruses and prayer meetings?

What were you doing till your flesh inflicted this temptation on you and conquered?” I asked with lament.

While I was lamenting over this tragic scene, the fire as red as it were erupted like a volcano around the place she was, immediately, she sank.

I was afraid of God right there. I didn’t see Rita again throughout my vision.

For over thirty minutes, I was recapitulating the exploit we did in our secondary school days.

I considered the heroic effort of Rita Udoh in the school christian programmes.

This was an exceptionally talented sister in song and extraordinary gifted lady in leadership and organisation.

The concert-goers of those days used to comment that Rita’s voice made our concerts rent in accelerando and rallentando like cherub-choir’s in Heaven.

She could motivate a lot. I reflected on her exercised influence both to soften the hearts of the hardened students and polish the character of the immature ones.

When I considered the incalculable mass of suffering from her parents and persecution from out teachers she independently went through, I cried.

It loomed large on me, that the race is not to the swift.

Read the full encounter ( www.eternityrace.com/2016/12/divine-revelation-of-heaven-and-hell-by_8.html )

My Sister, I’m Still Talking To You…

If you don’t pick that Phone and call your Pastor NOW!!! ….and confess that your secret fornicating lifestyle and Break up that relationship with your boyfriend, you will definitely Join Sister Rita in Hell soonest because you don’t know when death will knock.

What About You My Brother…

An fervent preacher but still struggling with sexual addictions….you were invited by the Holy Spirit to join this Join This “Anti Masturbation & Pornography Squad WhatsApp Group” and become useful to your generation and God’s kingdom.

Now what happen…

Instead to seek and work out your salvation on how to get delivered from Masturbations and Pornography addiction…. you are still searching and viewing beautiful sisters to chat with.

Now.. Here the Conclusion…

Hell is a state of lose and woe. It’s the destination of a gloomy mind — Be it a man or a woman; no one can escape from such kingdom; once you enter you are doom forever.

Hell is a place of tears and confusion, hunger, thirst and burning heat which brings upon untold suffering.

It’s a place where human beings are packed together.

Hell is filled with vomits and misshapen bodies. It’s a place where human souls experienced regeneration or rebirth millions times each day.

The pain is horrific and the suffering is endless. In hell there is no pity; No Light; no Food; no Water; no God’s mercy or his compassion.

In Hell there is no second chance…

In Hell, you are lonely and deserted.

Your family shall write you off on earth while you kept experiencing an excruciating horrific pain for eternity and if you refused to drops all this sinfulness in your life; you will surely head over there very soon.

Now, Let Me Conclude…

According to statistics everyday about 345,000 people are born.

Also everyday about 146,000-153,000 people died, just as you are reading this message some people are dying all over the globe and at the end of everyday 146,000 people will died. Whose turns will be the next to die?

If you are here and still an hypocrite Christian,
Honestly, you can’t stop yourself from joining all these lost and condemn souls in Hell…… all because God is angry with you.

A Word Is Enough For The Wise!!!

I believe, I have written enough… So I Drop My Pen Here.

..Paul Paulinus is an Evangelist from Nigeria.

— You can check his Website: www.eternityrace.com

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