Test Of God For His Ministers:

Test Of God For His Ministers, By Francis Akin John:

Many years ago, when I was in a certain Bible school, My professor of Biblical studies would always end his lecture in the class with this statement, “As you are studying the Bible, study the character of God also”. This got me curious and I asked him one day to explain the difference between bible knowledge and knowing God’s character. He asked me to find it out by myself. Well, one of the characters of God that I’ve found out is that He tests and tries His people. The more He uses you, the more He will test and try you. It is one thing to trust God, it is another thing for God to trust us. Before He can trust us enough to commit great and precious work into our hands, He will test and try us

A.​Bible foundation. Gen 22:1-3; Deut 8:2; Psalm 11:5; 17:3; James 1:2-4.

God test and tried his people. He tested Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David and all the people He used. He still tests and tries those of us who are his people today – 1 Peter 5:10; Zech.13:9; Mal. 3:3. The purpose of these tests of God:

​Is to purify our inner being.
​To ground and solidify us in Him.
​To know what is within us.
​To get us ready for His great move
​To make us channel of His great power.

The tests and trials of God are not meant to kill and destroy us. Rather, they are tokens of His love and our preparation for greater blessings. There is no carry-over in His tests. You either pass or fail. And He will keep testing you until you learn your lesson and pass the test. So long you keep passing His tests, His blessings will keep flowing, but when you start flunking them, things will start to stagnate in your life and work.

David was a man who exemplify the tests of God fully. His life shows the kind of tests that God will give to all those He intends to use mightily today:

​1.​Test of Obscurity. 1 Sam 16:11-12; 17:34-36.

​David was forgotten of his father in the wilderness. He was made to keep the sheep. ​He could have allowed the lion and bear to kill the lambs and sheep and nobody ​could have blamed Him. But to God, he would have failed the test of obscurity. ​What’s the test: Faithfulness to serve in obscure, unnoticed and unrewarded place, ​when nobody is watching.

​2.​Test of Sincerity. 1 Sam 16:17-18.

​David was doing everything honestly, sincerely and plainly, not knowing that some​one is watching and taking notice of him, until he was brought to the palace. Can you ​be honest, sincere and plain in all you do? Can you work in a honest and sincere way, ​not waiting for rewards and human appreciation?

​3.​Test of Preparation. 1 Sam 16:21-23.

​Even after David had been ordained and anointed, God did not give him the throne. ​He made him to serve under king Saul as his armour-bearer. He was being prepared. ​God wanted him to grow into leadership, not just to appear in leadership. Can you ​wait for your time of preparation? Did you pass the test of preparation under your ​own leader? His service and ministration refreshed his leader. He did not kill or de​stroy his leader. How about you here?

​4.​Test of Faithfulness. 1 Sam 16:20-27.

​David was faithful unto King Saul, despite his repeated attempt to kill him. He be​haved himself wisely in all his ways. He never plot or plan against Saul and he did all ​that he was told faithfully. How faithful are you in your duty post? How faithful are ​you to your leader? How faithful are you to God’s call and dealings?

​5.​Test of Revenge. 1 Sam 24:1-21.

​David had every opportunity to revenge himself and kill Saul with his own hands. ​Time and again, God deliver Saul into his hand, but David passed the test in flying ​colours. He never kill Saul by himself, rather, he waited for God to put him on the ​throne. How have you been passing this test? Have you been fighting and revenging ​for yourself?

​6.​Test of Hebron. 2 Sam 2:11

​This is a test of small fulfilment. God promised the whole kingdom of Israel to David, ​but He first made him king of Hebron. He wants to see how he will handle it. Well, ​are you passing the test of Hebron in your life and ministry? How are you handling ​your ​small, small blessings and successes.

​7.​Test of Jerusalem. 2 Kings 5:3-5

​Because he passed the previous tests, God gave him the throne of Israel. He saw the ​full fulfilment of the promise. He prospered in Jerusalem. But God also tested him to ​see what he wil do with the throne. Has His blessings taken over your heart? Has His ​blessings become a curse in your life that made you to drift from his will?

​8.​Test of Achievement. 2 Sam 12:7-12.

​Even after he got the throne, God still test him and when he failed, God dealt with ​him. No matter where we are and what we have achieved, God will keep testing us. ​God could have given him more, had it been he passed the test but he became ​abusive and misused his position and that was the beginning of the end for him.

​How about you and I today? Are we passing His continuous test in these areas. ​Remember, if you don’t pass his test, you cannot move forward. And when you ​repeatedly fail his test, your past success will pale into insignificance.


​1.​Remain simple, level-headed and focused.

​2.​Seek and determine to please Him in everything.

​3.​Surrender your life and ministry totally to Him.

​4.​Be secure in the will and ways of God.

​5.​Know His dealings with you and respond obediently.

​6.​Value character, honesty, integrity and godliness.

​7 ​Stop murmuring at the dealings of God.

​8.​Pray, pray, pray and obey, obey and obey His Word.

Whatsoever you desire to have and do for the Lord, there will be a test to pass. Climbing to yout next ladder or level will only happen when you have passed His test! “Next level”, “Next level”in your life and ministry ONLY answers to passing His test in flying colors!

..Francis Akin John is a gospel minister from Nigeria.

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