Watchfulness Against The Devil’s Strategies In The Last Day:

Watchfulness Against The Devil’s Strategies In The Last Day, By Adeola Opeyemi:

This is the time we need to run the race before us with Perseverance, Patience and Faith.

We must not be ignorant of the devil’s devices and his strategies to capture and to pull down many believers.

This is perilous time, the return of Jesus to Rapture the Saints is imminent. The time left is very short. That is why satan and his agents are very angry, working hard just to accomplish their assignments over the Children of God, in which they have succeeded over many.

Your determination to make Heaven is a battle line drawn between you and the devil, he’s roaring like a wounded lion ready to devour.

Listen, the devil is not disappointed over any believer he could not get, he’s only disappointed when you make it to Heaven at last.

When the efforts of the devil get defeated over a believer, he Re-strategize to come out in another dimension. Satan is not giving up over anyone, he’s always at work, planning the downfall of the Children of God.

If you know how satan is carrying out his schemes and strategies in a new dimension everyday against believers in this end-time, you will realize that this time must not be taken for a joke, laziness or carelessness. It is a serious battle.

Holy Living and Focus makes you to be feared in the kingdom of darkness, and untouchable for the devil.

Sometimes, when the devil has tried but couldn’t get you, he comes in by bringing to you different challenges to frustrate you, which could lead to “Discouragement”.

Discouragement, if allowed in your heart;
•√ Cools your Spiritual temperature and makes you lukewarm,
•√ It makes you loose interest in the things of God you once find interesting,
•√ It makes you doubt the existence of God,
•√ It robs off your Faith and makes you see the possibility as impossible,
•√ It steals the Joy of Salvation which should be your Strength and takes away the inner peace,
•√ It makes you worried and fills your heart with fear,
•√ Discouragement limits your capability,
•√ It weakens your inner man which affects your Spirituality,
•√ It reminds you of past failures and paints the picture of unreal future failure before you.

The more you allow discouragement in your heart, the more satan whispers to your heart.
The more you listen to him, the colder your love for God becomes.

Through discouragement, many believers are now accommodating sin gradually. Satan has deceived them to see reasons to consider the the wrong choices they are once against.
They are loosing focus on Heaven and what matters before no longer matter to them. This is how the devil has captured many believers.

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12.

Many who are once in Christ have gone back to multiply the iniquity in the world, many have backslided without even realizing. We need to keep checking our spiritual temperature.

The devil has breathe lukewarmness into many lives, those who were on fire for God are now as cold as ice-cream.

The only way we can be wiser and gain more power over satan is to have the knowledge of his devices and strategies in this end-time. This is when we can confront him.
For Satan not to have an advantage over us, then, we must not be ignorant of his devices.

Indeed, there are many situations capable of discouraging us, but we must not dwell on it, rather be bold to silent the devil with the weapon of FAITH.

I pray for that discouraged individual, may God Revive you, increase your Faith and give you Divine Strength to move on in Jesus name!
You just have to be strong and encourage yourself in the Lord.

Never allow anything or any situation to regulate and to determine your level of commitment, consecration unto God.
There are rewards for faithful Servants and everlasting Joy for the Overcomers.

At such a time like this, one thing is required of us, WATCHFULNESS!

..Adeola Opeyemi is an Evangelist from Nigeria.

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