Pastor Kumuyi Asks Christian Parents Build Their Homes:

Pastor Kumuyi Asks Christian Parents Build Their Homes:

The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has urged Christian parents to build their homes and ensure they become a beckon of light in the society and not scattered families. He said they should build their homes on God, educate their children and ensure the very best for them. Kumuyi said in the worst of situations, nothing should weaken their hands from climbing up. According to him, children are the future of the Church and the nation – Guardian News

The pastor who spoke on Radio Nigeria on the title “Being Better In Worst of Situations,” encourage Christians of God’s protection despite their problems. He stressed that belong to only those that are born again.

He told Christians to keep demonstrating the faith and power in the Lord by “contending for the faith that was delivered to the saints” adding that with righteousness, the must be victorious in life.

The former professor of Mathematics who left his profession because of his love for Christ and soul winning, said in the old days, he started, the church in 1973, faithful Christians were holy and steadfast which have made them overcomers till date.

“We started in 1973, and in 2018, we became 45. In 2019, we have gone beyond 45 years. As my convictions were 45, 46 years ago, those convictions are still there today. As my faith was, so it is now and even stronger and greater. As my vision was then, so it is now and even brighter. Like father like children” He added.

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