Trinity And The Microchip:

We firmly believe that this life is worth celebrating and that even if it does not give us what we hope for, the real gift is life itself. But I guess we will have to live on edge, if what we believe in, or stand for, is grossly questioned, time and time again.
Our little treatise on the Holy Trinity was mostly in line with the fact that God is always on the lookout for His people, no matter what may be amiss or at stake. For in these testing times many world leaders have thrown caution to the wind and gone on to make confusing and dangerous pronouncements about how and how not to go about things. Some have not tried their level best to assist their own people at a time when they needed their assistance most. And, overall, the pandemic, or the pandemonium that it has caused, which was to a certain degree expected to unite the countries of the world, in their respective quest or search for remedy, has been nothing but fire and brimstone. The trade wars have escalated in the area of which country would have the franchise for the sought after cure .And the WHO, on the whole, has met with the most distasteful responses, regarding its role, ambience and significance. As such, the factors that should have worked for world unity and progress, have been led through a derogatory process, making people to perpetuate the animosity and turmoil in all the world. Similarly, the majority of the segments of given countries have adopted very vague and feckless policies that evidently require putting the public in grave danger of further contagion and death. The pressure on them is the critical need for amassing more wealth, in the midst of massive economic inactivity and loss, due mostly to the said need to assist people in lockdown. Such mixed signals have been sent amidst great distemper, over what appears to be a preference for economic recovery, over against public health and safety. It simply means that the bulk of the world nations is attuned to the notion of profit making and diametrically opposed to the safeguarding of lives in the long term. The Italian government played on the social psyche by having the cleaner dust up the impressive St. Peter’s. Life or not, they said, the government could not afford to go into a second or third wave of economic decline or depression. One wonders then ,for whose benefit the government is established. Across the board, most national governments have shifted their respective interests to personal security and aggrandizement. And in cases where they were responsible or responsive to the needs of their people, the bulk of the means had come from abroad.

Against this backdrop, therefore, we spoke about the Blessed Trinity. The Christian doctrine in the triune nature of God’s Personality. That forever, God is Three distinct Personalities or Persons , as of fact of existence, and One, indivisible Substance or Essence, as of nature. The doctrine of the Trinity is the cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith, even though, despite centuries of schism, heresy and disagreement, some sects refute, deny, question or minimize the accuracy of the claim or teaching. The thing is that the fact of the tripartite structure of God’s existence is biblical but not explicitly stated. Even the Old Testament gave the message of the divine Birth, of which the Child that was to be born, would be known as Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace and MIGHTY GOD ! What more could be revealing about the fact that the Son of God is God Himself ? It was also said that the Government shall be upon His Shoulders and in Psalm 2, God the Father said that He had begotten Him, and also made a bequest of the world riches and glory to Him. David also said in a Psalm: The Lord said to my Lord, sit at My right Hand, until I make the whole world Thy footstool. Yet it is One God, One Lord, one faith and destiny. Hence the mystery of this Union which is called Hypostatic . An amazing union of 3 distinct Personalities, Whose roles are distinct, but Whose activity is simultaneously the same, or for the same purpose. This is why Jesus spoke about another Advocate or Helper or Witness to the fact of an everlasting Godhead.

Concerning the Position of Jesus, the Word of God, the point is that, logically, the One Through Whom the world was made or created, cannot be said to be created, as well. John stated clearly what transpired in the beginning. Without Him-not it- was not anything made that was made. He was with God in the beginning and the Word was God. So, what is the problem about the divine Trinity? The facts are there, but a Father of the Church called Tertulian coined the word from the Latin word for three. Tri or three in unity: Trinity. They are so simultaneously united in purpose that we get confused with Their procedure. The Holy Spirit of God, Who is said to be Another Advocate, when He descended upon the apostles, made the teachings of Jesus His sole focus, thus enabling and increasing the understanding of the people taught by Yeshua Himself. He confirmed their faith in Him. In other words, unlike APC , HE did not come with His own agenda and He greatly aided the early Christians and disciples in the work of evangelization. He made them bold and fearless and strengthened their resolve to extend the Gospel to all corners of the earth. But they were docile to Him. Often we hear things like separate for Me Paul and Barnabas, we and the Holy Spirit, or that the said Holy Spirit prevented them from stepping into Asia, or things of that nature. He was very much a active in the missionary activities of the said early Christians and disciples. And Jesus had said that when He comes, He would teach them to observe all the things He had taught them and imbue them with Heavenly strength and courage. He will be with you forever and I will come to you. Who is speaking here? It doesn’t matter with God. Only job done! And industrial workers will be able to understand what God actually did with the Holy Spirit , in terms of the safeguarding of mankind. He is a Seal of God’s love and salvation on mankind. In production companies, special products, such as women’s health and beauty products and other expensive products are placed in cages and sealed with a colourful plastic or iron material. And if they are tampered with, it is easy to know and rectify the problem. So, only our sinfulness or abandonment of our faith can break the said Seal of God, Which is the Holy Spirit, Who is equally said to proceed from the Father and the Son, and together with the Father and the Son, is ADORED and GLORIFIED. How can we talk about equality in matters of God, when the Three Persons belong to the same God ? To the Essence of God. God the Father, His Eternal Word and His Spirit, Who also is the Spirit of Jesus, according to the Revelation. Something is wrong with our heads which always seem to think only about what we bring to the table and who gets what in return for their actions or contributions.
But God gave us a gift called the Church, except that it is a divine institution with a human structure . Jesus was different from the prophets and holy men and women. He made His Identity the central focus of His teaching. He spoke with authority and made the people aware of Who He was. The Jews were more clever than the present day Igbos . Not strictly, for the Igbo say that NWA KA NNA. The child surpasses the father. Or is expected to. The Jews knew what Jesus meant, or where He was going through the many references to His Father. They knew that if He claimed to be the Son of God, automatically it placed Him on an equal footing with His Father. For whatever a man has or is, belongs ultimately to the Son, either by transfer or direct inheritance. It is a no brainer that Prince Charles will succeed his mother, Elizabeth. Or the case of the current Agbor Kingdom monarch, who was crowned by the age of 4.

When Peter correctly identified Jesus, The Master did not deny or refute his statement, but quickly said that he was blessed, for neither flesh nor blood had revealed that to him, except the Holy Spirit of God. And on Peter He instituted the Church and handed powers to it to declare anything on earth and it would be ratified in Heaven. This power of the Church was what brought the leaders together on several occasions, to deliberate on relevant and vital issues. But their humanity made them to keep making declarations that were not in harmony with what the Bible had shown, until after several Councils , they came up with the Apostles’ Creed, which is the summary of the Christian and especially Catholic faith. The Church which historically comes to us from the apostles. Hence it is Apostolic and Catholic, meaning in Greek, Universal (Katholikos). It is also One and Holy. Altogether, four signs of the true Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

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