Coronavirus: Few Nigerians Stranded In Thailand Airport For Two Months:

Few Nigerians Stranded In Thailand Airport For Two Months:

Thee Nigerians have been stranded for two months in Thailand Airport due to
due to COVID-19 Lockdown.

“The trio, who first arrived on the 21 and 24 of March respectively, are currently surviving only on provisions from Thai airport authorities.
hree yet-to-be-identified Nigerian men are currently stranded at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand due to COVID-19 restrictions on flights in and out for the COUNTRY -Sahara Reporters

Sources stated that the three men, who first arrived the country on 21 and 24 of March respectively, are presently surviving only on the meals from country’s airport authorities.

Explaining their stories on Twitter, Richard Barrow via @RichardBarrow, revealed that the stranded Nigerians have all tested negative to COVID-19.

“There are three Nigerians trapped at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Two arrived on 21 March on an Emirates flight with the intention to connect to Laos. The other one arrived on 24 March on Etihad with a connection to Myanmar. Unfortunately both of those countries closed their borders, He said.

“None of them could travel back to Nigeria as that route was closed too. As they didn’t have a visa for Thailand (they were only in transit), they couldn’t enter the country. So, they have been trapped in the airport for nearly two months now.

“The airport has been providing assistance such as food, drinking water and basic care. Airline staff have been helping them too. They were given a #COVID19 test which was negative.”

Image: Richard Barrow Thailand

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