Triumph Of The Trinity:

It follows, therefore, that the creative Personality and Power of God takes the process of a tripartite system of operation. Not just a system in three parts, but 3 distinct Personalities are involved in any divine creative process or situation. The mystery is that the three Characters have a unanimous choice and decision on any sort of plan of action. It can only occur through divine wisdom, that whatever the Father of Creation imagines, His Creative Word ,now made Flesh, for us men and women, as well as for our salvation, immediately identifies,as well as approves of it, in totality. Otherwise, it will not be created. This was why John of the Divine stated ,with the hindsight of close association to Jesus, that nothing was made without Him. He was with God in the beginning and through Him all (no exception !) things were made.

Aside from that, all things were made for Him and in Psalm 2, God declares Him a Son and actually bequeathed everything to Him. Ask of Me and I shall give You the nations for an inheritance. The Lord has decreed: Thou art My Son, I have begotten Thee today.

And so, we find that He was not made, but only begotten by God and called His Son. If we are the children of God, why do we find it hard to understand or believe that the Word of God, called Dabar in Hebrew, came down from Heaven and by the Power of God’s Spirit, was made Man ? This may be the actual implication of the elevation of man that Iblis refused to understand and therefore rejected. Because he was full of himself and thought only of his own good and influence. He went as far as to mislead the children that God created for Himself. But God, Who had already sent His Word to make them, sent out The Same Eternal Word, and by the Power of His Spirit, It was Incarnate, as Man. This is more or less the highest demonstration of love for mankind. It means that God never abandons His own, not even in the midst of adversity, such as the Longer Coughs.

And the rulers of the world had better beware of the way they carry on their jobs. For they shall be held accountable and above all, the world will be destroyed if they keep on projecting the selfishness which the devil convinced the first human beings to adopt. This was not the plan of God, Who is Divine Goodness and from Whose fullness we have received numerous things, of which we are still in the land of the living . The feature of the world today points unequivocally towards a new world order devoid of God, or His approval. If for instance, the world leadership approves the 5G system, for whatever reasons, and God’s children are denied jobs in places, for sake of say they now use one robot for the work of 200 people, or driverless ( the word is not even recognized by the computer, but it will when it happens ) buses carry people about, then too many jobs are lost. The usual support those people give their own relations would stop. The world would not even be able to contain the anarchy that will arise from this . The rulers can only devise very draconian measures, to give a semblance of democracy or normality, but all for their own sake.

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