Former Poker Player Testifies How He Gave His Life To Jesus:

Former professional Poker player Rodolfo Briones has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and personal saviour.

Rodolfo who had an unusual passion for poker said even as that he could not get excitement.

“Today, I want to talk about new change that has took place in my life now and it’s been a blessing, I really wasn’t seeking, but it just happened. Just an amazing story…how I just was unhappy, no matter what I did”

One of the fans Asked him:

So, no more poker?

He Replied, “Naaa brother lol I have no more need for it, I believe I used to go to it as an exit from my unhappy life. It was a quick turn of joy for me since it made me happy while I played but then I would go back to my regular routine and be back to square one. But now I feel so great, loved and filled with life and it’s all thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, and I’m grateful for it. He can change anyone’s life if only they will accept Him into their own lives and start living His way and not their own.

Watch his full testimony on YouTube

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