The Most Secret Sin In The Heart Of Men:

The Most Secret Sin In The Heart Of Men, By Evangelist Paul PaulinusHow To Overcomes Sexual Lust: (The Concluding Part3)


You know……The spirit of lust is a very Patient spirit….it could walk away for a while and subtly show up again when you have let down all your guards and no longer as watchful and careful as you used to be.

If you do not arrest the spirit of sexual lust in time, and on a daily basis, it will put your ministry and your children in shame.

Mr John was walking on the street and suddenly he saw a woman with just tight and bra, and she covers it with net.

Suddenly Satan/demons comes to Mr John and tell him…..”don’t you remember Janet your former girl friend before you gave your life to Christ?

Can’t you see she share the same stature with this lady?

Quickly he will bring back those old images of John and Janet.

At that junction, John heart is defiles….As it was written….

“But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart ” — Matthew 5:28.


There is a soul tie formed between John and that woman as a result of John past life and if John die at that spot, it’s dangerous.

That’s why bible warned…

“Turn not to the right or left, but try to keep your face from seeing evil
— Proverb 4:27.

John don’t have the right to slap the strange woman, or kick her out of the way, but he can keep his eyes from watching her.

Many people think Satan is just a fool that doesn’t have a plan, but I tell you, every single plans of Satan are destructive.

Today, many ladies walk unclad on street, through the new and latest fashion Satan has given to them and also dress worldly in the church.

And even if you call yourself Born Again, if you are not careful once you gaze upon such women, you’re gone, because your mind will be polluted and defiled.

Now Listen My Sister…

Is it because you needed money for clothes, recharge cards, phone, etc…. You allowed yourself to be reduced to a second class peanut.

Oh! What a pity to be suddenly turned to a “Public Toilet” because of lust of the flesh of things of this world that perisheth.

A woman was complaining how she constantly used to imagine herself having sex with her Ex.

She is married but anytime she is having sexual intercourse with her husband… What she always sees is her Ex instead of her loving husband.

And immediately she began to visionized this in her mind, she will reach orgasms and cums… And even in her dreams, sexual intercourse with her Ex has never ceased because of Power of Soulties covenant formed through Sex.

This was the problem of the people of Corinthian in the Bible — They have accepted Christ as their savior, but that seed of adultery is yet to be destroy…. that ungodly soul tie is yet to be broken,

…. and Satan will keep reminding them of it, such that it push many of them into adultery, fornication, Masturbating, in fact it lead them to sexual intercourse in dream.

That is the work of Satan — Your mind is completely saturated with images from pornographic movies and magazines that you see on a daily basis.

You have involved with this kind of addiction for many years — You are now struggling with living a life of sexual purity after giving your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whenever unclean taught comes into your mind, you immediately rebuke bind and cast it out of your mind. But yet, the taught keep coming back.

I want you to know that, Satan never get tired in bringing this kind of taught into your mind. But what if the rapture sound the moment those unclean taught visit your mind?

My brother, What Will You Do?

My Sister, What if you die at that spot with an unclean mind, where will you spend your eternity?

Why Do You Think Those Images Keep Appearing?

Having discovered the truth about soul ties along with this teaching — I believe you have finally understood the reason why the lustful thoughts would only leave temporarily.

As I previously said, one of the ways that soul ties are formed is by having sexual intercourse with another person.

From the spiritual point of view, every time you watched those X-rated movies and magazines….. lusting after men/women, an ungodly soul tie will definitely formed in your hearts EVERY SINGLE TIME!.

I want you to understand that these were not new images but OLD images of Lust — These were images that remind you of movies or pictures that you have watched before becoming a Christian.

These were images of men/ women that you had lusted for in the past — Thus, an ungodly soul tie was formed in your Heart still connecting you to them.

This was the only reason why those images kept reappearing time after time and would have stopped reappearing , if you have learned the truth about soul ties and how to fight against deadly Sin of Sexual Lust.

Before going through these steps in breaking of soul ties covenant…. you will need to get a pen and paper.

Please, know that it’s very important that you say this prayer verbally, otherwise, it will not be effective.

Write down…the names of every single person you’ve been sexually involved with except for your spouse if you’re married.

Repent to the Lord by Saying This Prayer:

“Father, I confess to you all of my sexual sins — Forgive me for allowing these sins to rule my life and for every ungodly soul tie that was formed in my heart as a result of fornication and adultery.

I choose to give myself completely to You because only You have the power to set me free.

Thank you, Father, I receive your forgiveness and your cleansing. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN.”


Command the soul ties to be broken by saying this prayer for every single person on the list:

— I now renounce the ungodly soul tie that was formed between me and [NAME OF THE PERSON] in Jesus name .

— I command it to be broken and to leave my Heart right now in the name of Jesus”

As you think of every REPETITIVE and OLD lustful image say this prayer:

— I now renounce the ungodly soul tie that was formed in my heart as I watched that ( man or woman in the movie or in the magazine, etc.). I command it to be broken and to leave my Heart right now in the name of Jesus”

After you have finished breaking every soul tie declare this:

— Satan, you have no legal right in this Temple (your body) anymore. I declare that each demonic soul tie that was mentioned is now destroyed in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. All of you demonic spirits that came as a result of those soul ties, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW and be cast to Hell in the name of Jesus Christ.


This is the final step…. You must never relaxed and think you have overcome… Because the devil doesn’t give up on anyone until death.

You must always be on guide, don’t over steps your boundaries and never you attempt to tempt God by proving you can look at that lady without lusting and assumed you won’t return back to your vomit.

Don’t look at beautiful seductive ladies twice or admire them.. Please don’t turn that your neck while walking on the street to admired… Bro, I’m talking to you.

— Don’t stared at those attractive handsome pictures and never you admire them…. Sis, am talking to you.

Always spend much quality times in listening to salvation ministrations or tapes through your mobile phone ….it will get the mind occupied and keeps draining off those lustful thoughts.

However, whatever happened, please keep on fighting, fighting and wrestling and never to accept defeat.

Even if I fall 10 times, one thing is certain and I’m sure of… I will definitely rise again, keep on rising and keep on believing until my change cometh

Always encourage yourself with this words and if you can’t run..

Please walk If you can’t walk, please crawl.

I mean, do whatsoever you ought to do in order to ensure your spiritual life isn’t stagnant and with this….your deliverance will be certain because my Spiritual life is a Testimony

..Paulinus Paul is an Evangelist from Nigeria. Visit his Website for more Christian messages ( )

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