Bishop Oyedepo Condemns Closure Of Churches, Says Anyone Against Opening Of Churches Will Die:

Anyone Against Opening Of Churches Will Die:

The founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has declared that anyone who is against the opening of churches worldwide will die.

The Bishop who had earlier condemned the reopening of markets and closure of churches stressed that the evil power has caused it.

In a live broadcast monitored by Hallelujah Channel during the church service on Thursday, the man of God stated that hunger is far more destructive than any virus that will come.

In his ministration, he maintained that spiritual famine is more deadly and there medical remedy to hunger since it has no vaccine.

He added, ”The doors to churches across nations are again declared opened this morning. Can I tell you this? Hunger is far more devastating than any virus that will ever visit the earth.

“That is what the devil is looking for, but he has failed. The church is back on its feet. Anyone who hates to see that dies for it.’

The church of Christ on earth is liberated. Spiritual famine shall not have its way. Can I tell the world, no one has the answer to a problem like Jesus,”

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