The Most Secret Sin In The Heart Of Men:

The Most Secret Sin In The Heart Of Men— How To Overcomes Sexual Lust (Part 2, Continuation From Part One) By Paul Paulinus.


As I said, I was a victim to this most Secret Sin In The Heart Men and if you wanna get delivered…. Kindly follow my instructions and the Lord that delivered me shall definitely break those shackles from your Heart in Jesus name.


The first step to overcomes sexual lustfulness is to forgive yourself and stop condemning yourself.

Many people always felt this huge scar in their Heart because of the battles against sexual lusting.. and moreover, Praying, Binding, losing and pleading of the blood Jesus hasn’t been helping them.

Despite every attempt to be cleaned or portrayed righteously before God and fellows brethren in the church… That remembrance and recalling of their struggles over sexual lust will keep on propelling and immediately, they will feel sad and cold and even lost their confidence and faith in Prayers.

Now Listen To Me…

It’s written ” Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness”
— Isaiah 41:10

The day I understand this scripture, was the day I stopped seeing myself as sinner because of my struggle over sexual lust…I began to see myself a true Saints while leaning all my confidence and faith in Christ Jesus.

While praying, I began to shut down every wandering thoughts of self condemnation and guilt consciences and began to groan in the spirit for the upholding of his grace.

Now, Let Me Shocked You…

Whenever the sexual lustfulness arises….. Don’t feel bad about it, but rather accept yourself of whom you and believe in yourself that very soon it will crumbled while drawing closer to God.

This will now take us to the second step… it’s an important step which every victims need to applied seriously.


Born Again is not by going to church or acceptance of Jesus Christ into ones life because many folks who called themselves Pastor’s are not even genuinely Born Again.

I’m a Christian or my Parents are Christians doesn’t make you Born Again.

In some churches, you will sees rats who had made the church their permanent abound and dogs who followed their owner to church, doesn’t qualifies this animals as Born Again creatures.

It quit surprises as many that profess to be Christians always accredits themselves as Born Again without any fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Now, Born Again simply means, having Personal encountered with Christ Jesus!

— What really makes you to called yourself a Christian?

— Have you truly pray to have an encounter with God?

Every man that has encounter with God will never remained the same …You will be slayed by God and seriously tasty for that Water (word of God) and Holy Spirit.

If you are still dragging church Ecclesiastical titled or leadership Positions in the church and not willing to serve others as a servant , you are only deceiving yourself.

It’s written ” by their fruits we shall know them”

Now, isn’t by the hours spends in blasting of tongues or numerous times spend in the Church…. But rather by your humble, caring and lovely attitude towards that brother or sister beside you.

Now, to get rid of the root of SEXUAL LUST in your heart…

My sister, you must be totally broken and forsake the things of this world.

Look at you, ever since you have been applying makes Up, painting Italian styles and spending huge in Brazilian hair and attachments…… Has any man walk down the aisle with you?

You uploads 10—20 pictures at same time on social media while marketing your beauty… Instead of advertising Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

The same Gospel which cut off almost all the disciples and send them to an early grave.

You forsake the Real Business of your father and focus in fashion parade … Promoting Body that will soon decay and eaten by worms…

My sister, it’s time to develop Personal Relationship with God if you want every root of sexual Lust to be uprooted.

Bro, What About You….?

You only knew how to wear the best designers but can’t boost of a single soul you have won for Christ and ensuring they remains in faith.

Now, Friends Listen….
You must get busy with work of God…. First discover where God has called you to serve him.

Began to read books, dig deeper into that ministerial course,..
Forget your struggle over SEXUAL LUST and get addicted into that field you are called to make exploit.

Stand up and make crucial decision for your spiritual life ..

— Break the record and finish reading of that bible on your table.
— Break the record and start spending more quality times in Thanksgiving.
— Break the record and start spending an hour in Prayer.
— Break the record and investing more on single one soul and ensure he or she is sustained.
— Break the record and participate In dry fasting…

Uncle and Aunty that always gives excuses of ulcer…. I’m talking to you.

Take that bold of step in dry fasting which Queen Esther took and cried to God to uproot that stumbling block called “ULCER” even if it will take your life and stop been a reproached to Heaven because the kingdom of is in you.

You must understand that… The battle against sexual Lust is the battles of “MIND” and if your mind is spiritually empty …..lukewarmness and not constantly thinking on how to invest in Kingdom works.

My dear, you are only fooling yourself because you gonna keep on struggling.

It’s written ” Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.
—Proverbs 16:27 (TLB)

…..So if you wanna get delivered from sexual Lusting, please get up from that cold spiritual attitude and get busy with things of God and stop warming bench.


If you keeps on engaging in consistent chats with that brother and you think you won’t suddenly developed sexual lusting ….My sister, You are deceiving yourself.

Bro, if all you do every moment is chatting and chatting with that sister and you think your heart won’t suddenly boost into flames of Sexual Lusting…. Bro, you must be joking.

Now Listen…

All those opposite sex you are attracted to… Always admiring and wishing…. wishing and continuous wishing to be your future spouse is the bridge you must burnt.

Those Porn videos, romantic books and Novels must set ablaze
Those seductive pictures that are revealing which use to set the heart of an opposite sex aflame… Must be deleted in order not to stain your hand with blood.

….if that sexual Lustful sisters or brothers died in his or her Lust because of that seductive pictures Of yours and went to Hell… God will definitely required their blood from your hand.

To love someone is a MUST but to makes friends is by CHOICE ….So my dear, You don’t have to make everyone your friend.

It’s not every Facebook Friends Request you must ACCEPT and not every friends you must KEEP — A friend that is not developing you will definitely demote you.

Bro, I’m Taking To You…
You can’t be different from those you closely associated with — you can’t afford to associate with everybody.

Don’t walk with people that are not going your direction. It’s time you reflect in your association.

It’s written, …..”two can’t walk together unless they agreed”
— Amos 3:2.

My sister, next time you are choosing your friend, have in mind that you are choosing your destiny”

My brother .. Listen to Me…

— The people in your life, they either make you or break you.
— The people in your life, they either exhausts you or Exalt you.

— The people in your life, they either drain you or developed you.
— The people in your life, they either a helper or hindrance.

God had commanded us to LOVE our neighbors and never Commanded us to make everyone our FRIENDS.

Love is a MUST but relationship is a CHOICE — You love someone doesn’t means you have to make him or her your friend.

Someone of you are stagnant in life …nothing seem to work…no spiritual developments.

You keep on attending the same Church from decade to decades and don’t wanna change church because of ignorance.

You can withdraw your child who is not doing well academically from “School A” and admit the child to “School B”

But as an adult, common sense you can’t apply to seek for the Salvation of your soul… Dragging and contesting for church denominations as if there is any names of Church in Heaven

Now Listen…

If you have been going to a particular church for years without spiritual developments and refused to change Church… You are the most foolish being on Earth because you lack common Sense.

It’s time to make a choice… Anything that isn’t making you better will definitely make you bitter.

Any church or personality that has not been a blessing unto you…. It’s time for a change.

Someone of you are trapped in wrong relationships while some are trapped in wrong churches.

Some will even say, “Bro, Paul you don’t understand… I have history with this person. I have history with this church”

Now Listen To Me…

Just because you have history with someone or Born inside a particular church doesn’t mean you have a future with such person or the church.

You are the CEO of your life…. You have the right to invite, delete and terminate.

There are two kinds of people in your life. …

— Waster &
— Investors.

So the people in your life , will either increased you, decreased you or neutralized you and that is why you need to be very serious about your association.

My sister, Check your relationship, because when wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening.

My brother, check your life, when toxic people leave your life, toxic things stop happening

Friends, just look at you, your life is full of drama because of the wrong people in your life…..Please let them go!

— Wrong association will kill the Joy of your Salvation
— Wrong association will kill your passion.

— Wrong association will kill your dream.
— Wrong association will kill your faith.
— Wrong association will kill your drives for a success.

So, you need you to reflect on your association ….either with friends or with your church and burnt all the bridge and sealed up every loopholes of indeed you wanna overcome Sexual Lust.

Paul Paulinus is an Evangelist from Nigeria.

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