Like a lunatic, the virus keeps plodding on, with a trail of devastation in its wake. And kingdoms and powers, too, in their elevation of greed to a whole new system, can not distinguish between human beings, guineas and guinea pigs. Overall , the lockdown appears increasingly close to a showdown.

On one level, the world powers and economic systems find the tons of waste, arising from fiscal and economic inactivity, abominable and deplorable. And in ways that are considerably confounding, they seem poised to defy the grisly gridlock, in further pursuit of the tainted metal. This is what the world has come to and is in stark, as well as sharp contrast to the conditions that Creator -God desired to obtain in our domain.

In a great sense, the current situation seems to negate the purpose of the creation of humanity which was to mirror God in saintly ways. To foster love and goodness in all the world. And even with the fall of man, God still insisted on remaking the world, with man still providing inspiration and control. Such was the confidence He reposed in mankind and His Son Jesus accepted the grim conditions of seeking to effect such a great change.
As said, such unprecedented and calamitous events seem poised to distort or greatly reduce the significance of the Holy Week, which began with the commemoration of the Palm Sunday. But this period of profound recollection and re-enactment of the most fundamental and sacred mysteries of our faith and lives ,can never really be made trivial . For God began the process of reconstitution of mankind within the fulcrum of an eternal commandment of love and concern . And Yeshua, Who came in response to this call, was very determined to see out the process of delivery. But, like those in defiance of the lockdown imposition, we are taking liberties with the effusive outpouring of grace. All other things, also, seem in opposition to the idea of sanity, as they invariably opt for vanity.

And Shakespeare, whom we spoke about a while ago, is completely sold out in a different instance . For in the book of Macbeth, we find the three witches deliberating about their next meeting point and strategy, to wreak further havoc on an already tense situation. When shall we three meet again? In lightning, rain or thunder (storm)? One offers the gratuitous response: When the hurly burly is done, when the battle is lost and won. Another asks: Where the place? As the mate says: In the heath : there to meet with Macbeth. Paddock (one of them, I suppose) calls: Anon ( at once). I come ,Graymalkin (probably another):Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air.
The air is literally charged, no be say I talk am . And given the refusal of governments to scale back, or down the carbon footprint or emissions, or their determination to introduce the devices that expose human beings to profuse chemical toxicity, we are understandably in for a long, dreary night, or irreversible or collateral damage.

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