House Of Reps Warns Electric Cars Could Be Dangerous To Nigeria Economy:

The nigeria House of Representatives urged the Federal Government to be cautious about the production and acceptance of electric vehicles in the country.

House Of Reps has revealed that it could work against Nigeria’s major revenue which is the ‘crude oil’.

The reps urged the Federal Government to critically review ” the implications of reduced demand for crude oil in the light of emerging trends of preference for electric vehicles by its major oil buyers.

The House added that: they urge the Federal Government to “without delay” commence genuine and far-reaching diversification and structural reforms of the economy from over dependence on oil revenue.

They added that the Federal Government should commence research on developing alternative uses of crude oil as raw material for the production of other goods.

The above were the resolutions passed on at the plenary on Tuesday when the lawmakers adopted a motion moved by Mr Ossy Prestige, titled ‘Economic Implications of the Production and Adoption of Electric Vehicles on Nigeria.’

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s crude oil price has already been affected by the recent pandemic.

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Image source: Pexels

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