Henrietta Alokha: Had No Child But Died Saving Other’s Children:

Had No Child But Died Saving Other’s Children:

DIED SAVING OTHERS. A thought on the death of Sr Henrietta Alokha, SSH.

The news of the explosion at Abule Ado near Festac flashed my eyes. Saddened at the report of another pipeline explosion as it is often assumed, the death notification of Sr Henrietta remains the cause of our action.

It should be noted that until her death, Sr. Henrietta Alokha Principal at the Bethlehem Girls’ College, did not flee at the explosion but remained to seeing to the safety of the students put under her motherly care.

Report has it that she died after rescuing her students without being able to rescue herself. What kind of love was that? The love of the gospel which lays down its life for others.

“Sr Henrietta, when you woke this morning, neither you nor your students saw the explosion coming. You could have all vacated the premises before the Sunday became black on you. Life is filled with surprises that keeps us wondering either in joy or in sorrow.”

“That heart that thought first of the others before itself in the face of death, will ever be remembered from this day onward. Good night to a beautiful soul.” Sympathizers said.

Meanwhile, the statement signed by Rev. Adewale Martins reads: “Yesterday, Sunday 15th March 2020, there was a massive explosion at the Abule Ado area of Lagos which led to the collapse of many structures in the affected areas.

“We do not have an official duly investigated explanation for the explosion yet. All we know is that a truck accident was involved, the Pipeline going through the community was involved as well as a stack of gas cylinders. All these together by some series of cause and effect are said to be the cause of the devastating explosion which very badly affected our Bethlehem Girls College, Abule Ado as well as many other buildings in the vicinity.

“This sad incident occurred while the students and staff were at Sunday Mass. With the help of the first respondents, all the students were rescued and some that were injured were rushed to the hospitals. The other students have been released to their parents and gone to their different homes. We want to state that all students in the school were reported safe.

“Those who sustained injuries were promptly attended to in various hospitals within the environs. We are getting our Education Department along with the Administrators of other

Archdiocesan schools has suggested how the students of Bethlehem Girls College can be accommodated in the other schools so that their zeal for education will not go down.

“Unfortunately, the Administrator of the school, Rev. Sr. Dr. Henrietta Alokha SSH and one female security guard died in the process of taking care that the students were safe. Sr.

The statement confirmed that Sr. Henrietta Alokha and other staff died in the incident noting that they have paid the supreme price in their bid to lead all her students to safety. May their souls rest in peace.

“It is important to confirm that no priest died during the incident. The priest who was celebrating the Mass helped in rescuing the students and he himself is safe,” the archbishop stated.

However, Most Rev. Martins noted that the institution’s Staff quarters, Administrative Building, the refectory and hostel buildings were levelled to the ground due to the effects of the explosion with no building standing except the convent housing the nuns in charge of the school.

“We are grateful to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his call to express the sympathy of the Lagos State Government and for setting up a Committee to investigate issues surrounding the explosion.

“We wish to commiserate with the families of all those who died in this sad incident. We pray for the repose of the souls of the departed and the quick healing of those who were injured.

“We pray the Lord to provide for the needs of all those who lost their properties, in the said event. Our prayer at this period is that the Good Lord will grant eternal rest to the faithful

departed and strengthen all of us with the fortitude to bear the effect of this disaster,” Archbishop prayed.

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