President Buhari Orders Investigation Over Suspected Simcard Usage In Delta State:

Investigation Over Suspected Simcard Usage:

President Buhari Orders Investigation Of A Young Man That Used His Daughters Simcard:

A young man in nigeria was arrested earlier this month, for using the president’s daughter’s sim card. He was detained by the The Department Of Security Service DSS, and was since then being facing court trials.

However, a very shocking drama unfolded at the high Federal High Court in Asaba, Delta State, on Thursday where the case was held, the Department of State Services told Justice Nnamdi Dimgba not to allow the public see or find a letter in which the President ordered them to take action against a trader, Anthony Okolie.

It should be noted that the young man was arrested in July 2019 and detained by the DSS for 10 weeks for using a SIM card previously owned by the President’s daughter, Hanan Buhari.

The trader subsequently sued the DSS, telecoms firm, MTN, and the owner of the sim ‘hanan’ for N500m over damages.

The counter-affidavit filed by the DSS contains facts that, the Presidency ordered the investigation of Okolie, adding that the sensitivity of the case cannot be taken gently and that was what led to the prolonged detention of okolie.

Daubry, who is the organisation’s Principal Staff Officer, Legal Services, said the letter from the Presidency was a sensitive one which is not suppose to be read or seen publicly.

He, therefore, begged Justice Dimgba to be allowed to present the letter to the court only.

Daubry said, “My lord before I go to the written address, may I draw your attention to paragraph 28. We did depose to the fact that the Presidency ordered the investigation but due to the classification of that letter, we did not attach it. And my lord will take notice that every process or processes filed in this case has found their way into the internet including Facebook.

“So, to protect the classification, we didn’t attach it otherwise it would have gone public but we brought it to court and we deposed to the fact that we can show my lord, we can show it to the court but we have it here. I am saying with the discretion of the court, I apply to show it to the court.”

Meanwhile the case has been adjourned to april 1st for judgement.

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