Lagos State Quarantined 4 Children And Two Adult,Over Coronavirus:

Four Children And Two Adult,Over Coronavirus.

Four children from the same family have been quarantined alongside two other persons, this was announced by the lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, who stated that the four children were from the same family and related by blood they were quarantined alongside their teacher who arrived in the country from the United States, for fear of coronavirus by the state government at the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba.

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Abayomi,made this known at a press conference in Lagos on Wednesday,he stated that another man who came from the United Kingdom had been quarantined also making them six in numbers.

He also explained that they had found the two missing people who were declared wanted after flying on the same Turkish Airlines plane with the Italian man that brought coronavirus to Nigeria.

He added, “The three people announced to be in isolation on Monday tested negative. There was someone from France, another from England and the third person from China. They are negative and have been discharged.

Abayomi said: ,We have admitted a family of four children and their teacher. They travelled in from the United States; apparently, they have been in close proximity to someone who has coronavirus infection. So we’ve had them in isolation in the past two days. The first test was negative, we will repeat that in 48 hours and see what happens.

“We also have another gentle man from the United Kingdom, we are going to run his test. But the situation at the moment remains the same; one index case, one positive as a result of contact with the index case.”

According to the commissioner, the index case still secrets coronavirus and will continue to be placed under isolation till he overcomes the virus.

He said, “The test shows that he is still secreting the virus, although the level is going down significantly. So if the virus secretion hits zero, we will test him one more time to be sure and he will be discharged from the hospital.

“The second case is doing well. He hasn’t developed any major symptoms just some minor aches and pains and he seems to be doing well and we are satisfied. We will repeat his test tomorrow and we will determine what happens next based on his test result.”

11 people that came in contact with the Italian man who brought corona virus to nigeria are still missing.

Meanwhile, the NCDC on Wednesday said it was awaiting the results of the six new cases screened for coronavirus on Tuesday.

Nigeria confirmed a second case of coronavirus on Monday with the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, explaining that the new case was that of a person in Ogun State who had contact with the index case.

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