Italian Prime Minister Orders Lockdown Due To Voronavirus Case:

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe conte has signed a decree early this Sunday. This action will subject millions of people across northern Italy under lockdown due to coronavirus.

The luck down will subject the entire lombardy region, which includes the main city of Milan,and 14 other provinces in the country under is one of the toughest responses outside of mainland of China,as a result of the covid-19 epidemic under control. This announcement was made after Italy witness a huge number of 1,247 cases confirmed of the virus on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the civil department stated that it has now recorded over 5,883 cases alongside 233 death respectively..the most outside mainland china and the biggest outbreak in all of europe.

This lock down will cause so many inconveniences to the province involved.
Meanwhile, CNN will be confirming when the lock down will take effect in the country.

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