Uche Nwosu and Okorocha will at all times prefer a Hope Uzodinma to an Emeka Ihedioha, despite how hopeless Hope was, during and even after the elections. That is their own brand of “Politics”.

However, the reason for that is not far fetched: The people in charge does not have the capacity, sincerity and the courage to expose their ugly past.

They will rather opt for “sharing formula”. They would rather do what the Igbo people will call “agbata ekee”. Agbata Ekee is the act of obtaining and sharing by tricks.

In the past 8 years, landed properties in Imo State were used to settle girlfriends, relatives, associates and any one who was in their good books. A good number were confiscated for personal reasons. Huge funds from our common wealth were misappropriated. It happened before our own eyes.

The perpetrators of these unimaginable atrocities are also the ones telling us “for the sake of Imo”.

Please for the sake of Imo, can the Okorocha’s dynasty return all they took from the State?

For the sake of Imo, can they return all the Imo State Lands and all the Lands they forcefully collected and reallocated to themselves?

There are many things the Okorocha political dynasty owe Ndi Imo. For the sake of Imo, they should all keep quiet.

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… Aic Akwarandu is a political Analyst

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