A Avoid Lusting at beautiful faces of opposite sex.

B Be careful of how you laugh and play (in words) towards the opposite sex.

C Cast down every evil thoughts of sin towards an opposite sex.

D Dont think about an opposite sex in her absence.

E Eradicate every unnatural closeness to an opposite sex.

F flee from pornography.

G Grow in prayers to be strong to resist immorality.

H Hold on to Body Purity.

I Ideas and desire on how to to sleep with a woman should be rejected.

J Join your soul and Spirit to the Lord through repentance from sin and faith in Christ.

K knowledge of God’s word will keep you holy, read it.

L Let all body feeling for a woman or man be put under subjection to Christ.

M Masturbation is a sin, avoid it.

N Never you huge an opposite sex who is not your wife.

O Overcome the sin of pride and self glory in the presence of opposite sex.

P Pray for the grace to exercise self control in the presence of temptation to immorality.

Q Quit boyfriend and girlfriend dating relationship.

R Reject invitation to commit immorality verbally.

S Sanctify your heart and keep only Jesus in it.

T Take one more person when you are going to visit an opposite sex for follow up.

U Use the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus against the spirit of Immorality.

V Vain words, corrupt words should be avoided while talking with opposite sex.

W Withdraw yourself from any man or woman who have sexual pull on you.

X Xisters should be careful not to visit a brother’s house alone no matter how spiritual he is.

Y Yield not to the disturbances of a brother in the same church for immorality rather report him to church leaders.

Z Zero the Sin of Immorality in your life by confessing the one already committed for prayers and counseling.

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