Israel Prime Minister’s Remarks During The Sunday Cabinet Meeting:

Remarks During The Sunday Cabinet Meeting:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks this morning, at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

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“In recent weeks, we brought enormous news for the State of Israel and the Land of Israel. My friend, President Trump clearly stated that he would recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea and all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, as well as a broad area encompassing them. We have formed an Israeli team to work with the American team on the work of mapping, which has already begun – it is underway.

To this team I have appointed Minister Yariv Levin, National Security Council (NSC) head Meir Ben-Shabbat and the Prime minister’s Office Director General Ronen Peretz; they will be assisted by Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. This team will work closely with settlement and – of course – security officials in order to complete the work quickly. For their part, the Americans will work with us. We will complete the work as quickly as possible. We are turning parts of the homeland in Judea and Samaria into part of the State of Israel forever.

Another historic item, pursuant to the historic meeting that I held with the Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, an Israeli team will convene this week to formulate a plan to expand areas of cooperation. This is what I agreed on with the Sudanese President; the goal is – in the end – to reach the establishment of normalization and diplomatic relations between Israel and Sudan. I have instructed the NSC to lead this historic process together with all of the security and civilian bodies in Israel.

We are in the midst of a normalization process with a large number of Arab and Islamic countries. You only see part of this; it is the tip of the iceberg above the surface of the water. Beneath the surface of the water, there are yet many processes that are changing the face of the Middle East and are also placing Israel as a regional and global power. This is the fruit of our policy. We are cultivating the strength of Israel, and many people are making alliances and establishing relations with strong countries; Israel is a strong country.

This is not to say that we lack challenges. One of them is the international court in The Hague. This international court in The Hague has long since become a political instrument in the war against Israel. It is currently trying to turn the fact of our being in our homeland into a war crime. We are struggling against this and at our side, I must say, are many friends around the world. I would like to commend Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Uganda, which have joined the US in a steadfast stand alongside Israel.

I have spoken with several leaders from these countries and along with international organizations and leading experts in the world; they have expressed a clear stand that the international court has no authority to discuss the conflict between the State of Israel and the Palestinians. This statement was made following a major diplomatic effort on my part, by the NSC and by the Foreign Ministry. Last Thursday, a letter was presented to the international court in which these countries complained that the international court was discussing our issue. They are trying to prevent the ugly politicization of the international court; however, to my regret, this has already happened. The fact that many countries have lined up alongside us, and alongside the US, is a fact that certainly needs to encourage every friend of Israel around the world and every citizen of Israel.

The government is continuing its preparations for dealing with the coronavirus. Against expectations, as of now we do not know about any infections in Israel. Of course, there is this possibility, but it has not yet happened even though – according to media reports – the first case has already reached Egypt.

At the same time, I would like to thank the Minister of Health, who has worked together with his team to bring the Israelis on the ship off Japan. Those who have not been infected – will come to Israel and enter into isolation. Those who have been infected are remaining there, in accordance with a Japanese government decision. We have sent a doctor to help them. Of course, we are all praying for their wellbeing. We will continue to do what needs to be done on a state level in order to delay, to the best of our ability, and prevent the spread of the disease to Israel. Until now, as they say, thank G-d.”

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