Open Letter Of Intervention To Her Excellency Martha Udom:

Open Letter To Her Excellency Martha Udom By Itoro Macaulay:

Her Excellency
Dr Martha Udom Emmanuel
First Lady & Chairperson
Akwa Ibom State.

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Very warm greetings Mother of Akwa Ibom State.
I am certain, this Open Letter will meet you in good spirit and health even as your soul prospers.

I thank you for your unrelenting and unwavering service to the less privileged in our society, with particular bias for widows, orphans, the physically challenged, expectant and nursing mothers and yes, The Girl child.

I wish to draw to your notice, the video trending online, which has since gone viral, about the little girl, Precious, allegedly caught in the web of a sex orgy that went wrong, causing the death of one Sir Barrister Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem.

As the report goes, sometime last December, Sir Agboegbulem procured the services of young Precious, a supposed prostitute; and having taken an overdose of performance enhancement drugs, engaged the said Precious in a sex rump, leading to his sudden collapse and death.

We understand, Precious is still in the gulag and the family of the deceased are hell bent on having her convicted for his death and jailed.
Her Excellency, let me first commiserate with the family of the departed brother and pray God Almighty to grant them fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. I also pray God to grant his soul eternal bliss. However, that’s as far as it goes.

Reverting to the matter of Precious, I plead very seriously, that, Her Excellency, would intervene in this matter and get freedom for the poor little girl, Precious, who is but, another victim of our awkward and dysfunctional society.

First, she has not violated any law in having consensual sex with her client, who, in this case, happens to be a 60 years old Knight of the Church and a Learned Legal Practitioner.

Precious is the clear victim in this case. It is obvious, Sir Barrister Agboegbulem took advantage of the poverty stricken and needy girl and only offered her much needed help in return for sexual gratification.

Having obliged the man, who is old enough to be the father of the young girl, the man dubiously prescribed and administered to himself, some drugs, to, perhaps, inflict as much punishment, and or, maximize as much de from the poor girl.
This predatory behavior stands condemned, as in every sport, athletes who ingest drugs to have unfair advantage over competitors are, when caught, stripped of medals, named, shamed and banned.
The young inexperienced girl even went to seek help for her lover, instead of fleeing the scene and this naivety must not get her to be crucified, after being violated.
Her Excellency, Precious, the young Akwa Ibom daughter, albeit a black sheep as her case makes her seem, needs the help, rehabilitation and reorientation of the society and not judgement, condemnation and stigmatization.

I hereby plead, that, you use your good office to intervene in this matter on behalf of Precious, wherever she is, and, if on investigation, she did nothing incriminating, to cause the death of the departed, she should at once be set free and asked to go home and sin no more.

I call on the Federation of Female Lawyers, National Association of Women Journalists’ NAWOJ, Civil Society Groups, The Ministry of Women Affairs, the Civil Liberties Organization and all well meaning citizens to crusade for and demand immediate release and acquittal of Precious.

Her Excellency, I thank you sincerely in anticipation that, you will speedily and positively consider this my public petition on your good office.

Do accept Her Excellency, assurances of My highest esteem and thank you for all the good work you have been doing for the State and humanity.

Thank you and God bless
Yours Truly
The Rev. Osondu Ahirika


.. Barrister Uwemedimo Nwoko
The Honourable Commissioner & Attorney General
Ministry of Justice
Akwa Ibom State

..Dr Glory Edet
Honourable Commissioner
Ministry of Agriculture & Women Affairs

.. Mrs Ime Ephraim Inyangeyen
National Coordinator
Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Programme Initiative.

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