Seeking After God’s Will In Marriage: By Paul Paulinus

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I’m surprised when someone says “God must only give me the person i have feelings for” I came across many people who actually prayed for God’s will and their testimonies didn’t prove to me that you will be always given the kind of person that fits into what you have in mind especially in appearance.

I have a female friend who struggled for about a year before finally accepting the will of God… she had been praying for, all because he does not fit into what she wants in a man (dress and social wise).

But one thing is for sure, God can’t give you an unbeliever.

You can’t answer your prayers for God’s will by yourself and go ahead to ask Him for His will.

Also… While searching for the will of God….Desperation can cause confusion.

God does not work in desperation.

Apart from all.. God can also reveal his will through unconditional love for such person..

A love that is not lusting, but deep and brings a sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness

That’s why most people will say, start praying for the will of God when you’re a lot younger…

That’s where a real relationship with God is important.

If as a lady, you saw a man or a man was revealed to you as your will in the way God speaks to you…

Then don’t approach the man, in a way, he might not understand if he’s not been visited by God already.

Pray like this… “God please reveal your will to him the way you talk to him… In a way he understands”

So… If a brother comes up and say, sister, I saw you in my dream, you’re the one!

“….take your time first to pray about it, let God talk to you the way he talks to you”

You might not necessarily see that brother in your dreams to confirm, if God doesn’t talk in dreams to you, then such dreams might have result from emotions or thoughts.

That’s where a lot of people miss it!

The way in which a person saw his will of God in marriage can be completely different from the way another does

They don’t know that sometimes dreams are instrument often use by the devil because many people have more faith in dreams that in the word of God.

When ignorant Christian’s are deceived by dreams they usually resort to blaming God.

So you must exercise some prudence about dreams.


We can only know the will of God in marriage when we know God.

A person who doesn’t know God personally cannot decode his will in marriage.

You have to have a close relationship with God in other to know how he prefers talking to you.

God talk to people differently… Please don’t forget that!

— He talk to some through fire! “Moses”

— He talks to some through personal conviction “Jethro”

(… just have that conviction in your spirit that this is the right thing to do, this is the right step to follow, God is in line with this decision, at the end you feel peace and joy and happiness as a confirmation of being in line with God’s choice).

— He talks to some through dreams.. “Jacob and Joseph”

(…..he reveals in dreams to some people in a way they can clearly understand)

— He talks to some through trance… “Elisha and his servant”

(…. he prayed, God open his eyes so he can see the chariot of fire surrounding the prophet)

— He talks to some through a still, little voice, clear but low or loud but just for his or her ear.

But one have to know how God communicates to him or her before you can ever know God’s will in marriage and you cannot know unless you have a deep relationship with God.

…. and you can not have a deep relationship with God unless you’re born again.

Just earlier today I was counseling a brother who was seeking for marital counseling because he felt he is ready for marriage.

He is seeking a young lady that will not pulled down the “little” light in him…

…and I was enlightening him about the needs to glow the light and makes it steady and 100% glowing through fervent serious personal relationship with God.

The major problem with many young guys is the craved for beauty of lady that will soon fades off…

How can you be admiring a young lady who can’t pray for an hour daily nor read her bible often and can’t fast fervently?

What kind of Apollo eyes 👀 infection are you suffering from?

How can you be discussing about marriage with a lady who isn’t broken in the spirit or ever gone through “wilderness experience” or graduated from University Of Tears?

Bro…. How can you be in a relationship with a spiritual lazy lady… Who is only addicted to sharing of pictures on social media instead of advertising the gospel of Christ.

In most cases, God expected us to make use of our common sense before coming to him in prayer for marital confirmations.

Now.. Listen to this part:

“….When you are praying to God for a spouse, you don’t pray to Him with the picture of someone in your head or the picture of how you want him/her to look like”

Have you read it in the bible where God said that “They came to me and I answered them according to their hearts” (Ezekiel 14)

…which means that, they already had the solution to their problem in their hearts, they just went to God to test him.

We as human, we do have choice, and as we have choice, God also has His choice, and one thing is, we can’t afford the price of letting our choice prevail over God’s choice.

We can’t just afford it!!!

So, the ball is in everyone’s court to choose…. “is it my choice that I want to prevail or God’s choice?”

The devil can even capitalise on that to ruin one’s life.

The Bible says “Satan is roaring, looking for whom to devour”

Someone that is looking for people to devour before, why would we now give him the room for that?

He’ll just be like Oh, so he wants a fair-skinned lady, so, he’s looking for a doctor to marry, lemme get him what he wants, while the woman God has prepared for you is black, and she’s even a tailor, can you see now?

There’s no way we won’t have a taste…. but we have to know first, we have to ask God first, Lord!

….this thing that I admire, will it be good for me?

Is it your choice for me?

Let’s be sensitive when praying please.

Whatever picture of the kind of spouse that you want to marry, delete it from your coconut head when praying to God so the devil will not push into your path that banker that you’d love to marry and blind your eyes to see the doctor that God has prepared for you.

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..Paul Paulinus is an Evangelist From Nigeria

Image Source: Pexel

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