2020: New Year Key Points

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New Year Key Points:

I meant to say: nothing mega, but ended up saying Megan-or Meghan. But it seems that we can’t get enough of absurdities in the opening week of the New Year. Just when we thought that we had made a runaway success of the year, with being inundated with a myriad of New Year best wishes from far and near , calamity strikes, for good measure. How might that be ? Life has never been any less intriguing than it has been in the past number of days. It means that whatever we want, it is better to work towards accomplishing it, than expecting a basket of goods, for free. I also learnt the truth from the earliest stages of my life. That it was better to work hard for my parents’ love and affection than to stake a claim for it, by being showered with so much love in a space of four years, before the birth of my younger brother and friend.

What calamitous events that seem to nullify the great expectations or prayers for the peace and prosperity of God in the New Year! But Yeshua His Son has taught us to ask for anything and apply the attitude of faith to it, and it shall be done. Moreover, through predefined events we find that to those who make an investment of time, energy and drive for the matters of God, all sorts of things work together unto good, even those who believe in His Name. For He can really turn a thing on its head and make it yield abundant outcome.

And so, we are not yielding a thought or resolve to the disparaging sensations that we have experienced in the past week. But where was all the goodwill and the peace that we spoke about ? It required a sheaf of Godly men and women who only dream of goodness to bring it about. For, as we said, God respects the choices that we come up with, but never relents in extending His helping Hand to us, especially if we call upon Him from the depths of our hearts. He is capable of turning up at the unexpected moment and also turning even turbulent times in our favour .Yet there remains a task for us: striving to discover how water permeated the piston or shaft of the pumpkin fruit.

A generation or two, which did not pass through the traditional institutions that were deeply steeped in morality and justice, may have gone through life, without any form of accountability or discipline, in terms of a moral obligation or responsibility towards their fellow human beings and customary law and morality. The hasty manner in which the feature of moral instructions in schools was abrogated and also the expulsion of the missionaries from the country at the end of the war, did not pass as very profitable events in a lifetime. The overall effect, coupled with the ugly developments in the said war, is that those who grew up without such moral values might have seen life through a prism (I nearly typed prison) of violence and apathy. Furthermore, injustice and corruption took root, as a wrongly placed attitude of self catering took a stranglehold on social life. In time, the succeeding generations began to see things from the perspective of grim competitiveness and suppression. And through the contact with, as well as the confusion from aligning ourselves with the ideas and wishes of the colonial factor, we have reduced the stakes in a peaceful solution to problems and those of working assiduously to instil love, unity and stability that a harmonious relationship or society requires.

All in all, we operate a dog-eat-dog society, as well as faulty principles, in terms of the wider living experience. And so, we pay the consequences for our own application of the concept of self preservation or survival.

Then again is the complex nature of our immediate experience. Obviously, we have opted for a life of selfish interests and considerations and this inevitably prompts a number of measures to safeguard the said self-centeredness, as well as self-crowdedness, all embedded in the human psyche. Add to these the instinct of self fulfilment or completion and you have a fight on your hands.

Any wonder that the main evidence of the Epiphany, or the physical manifestation of the Living God was provided by men from the ancient kingdom of Persia ? All competent astrologers were united in the perfection of their art to tally with major global predictions and phenomena, in terms of their implications. And so, these disciples of Zoroaster, the Persian astrologer, rightly predicted by way of the mighty apparition of a remarkable star ,that it signified the birth of the great Hebrew King. And God, the Supreme Intelligence and Guide, aligned their thoughts and actions with breath-taking accuracy.

Persia persisted for a very long time as the power to beat, after Cyrus had risen in539 BC, with an all-conquering gait against the Babylonian kingdom. He also set the Jewish community in exile free. Darius and others completed their return and resettlement, along with the objects of Israelite national pride restored.

Since history repeats itself, we find ripples in our quest and prayers for a Happy New Year. It seems that those ancient kingdoms that thrived and made a distinct mark on world events or history, now wish to reassert their earlier authority. Iran, or ancient Persia, which actually was conquered by default and a lucky streak, at the Battle of Marathon in ancient Greece, owing mostly to the personal sacrifice of Fidipidis, seeks a thorough recognition in the global economy. But America, an imperial power that arose out of the excesses of another, and which is not bereft of world history and significance, doesn’t wish to let it be. And their paths cross vehemently, in effect. Or is it China, surviving part of the ancient kingdom of the great Genghis Khan, that wishes to be left out of the scheme of things ? No, and all the alliances amount to nothing, as any opportunity to get ahead of the whole pack will be greatly appreciated and exploited by the one and the many.

But they all forget that the King, Whose Kingdom will have no end, as foretold, will have the final say. Arabia knows but will put up a fight, too, as the Law was given on their own soil at Sinai. Yet God wishes to state that there are no barriers or strange frontiers, where the world He made is concerned. This is a marvel in our eyes, the place of God in our lives, a God of love, peace and prosperity. But will the world ever appreciate , or support such a life made practical in the Only Begotten Son of Chukwu Okike Abiama ? God save us from the whole wahala of conflicting Twitters and twisters.

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