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  By JK Anyanwu

Dedicated to His Excellency Hon Emeka Ihedioha(the best Governor of Imo State)

Weep not brother
You are a man
You fought a battle
You won
You won manly battles

Weep not brother
The tears of Imo woman
Will wash you clean
The wailing of the children
Are flooding the street
The whispers of the fathers
Are now heard aloud
The prayers of Ndi Imo
will make the seat abyss for the thieves
who rubbed the people before the flashes of the sun
The tell of your valour shall be told by every tongue
The tale of your honor on history memory hung

Weep not brother
You are a man
Yes! You are
You wrestled with devils
You wrestled with demons
Men who are not men
Men who suck blood
Men who banquet on flesh

Weep not brother
Your war was not in vain
You fought for the people
But those who hate the people
Own the field, and the vine
They want the people
To cry and die wailing
They want to make mockery
Of the naked folks
They want to laugh at the hunger
Of the impoverished
They want to mock the eroding feet of the vulnerable

Weep not brother
You meant good for the people
You wanted to change the status quo
You wanted fairness, equity to prevail
You wanted all fingers to touch the oil
But wolfs want to devour the sheep
The hawks want feast on the chick

Weep not brother
Only a fool will dance
To this dance of mockery
Only the shameless
will raise this tinged banner
Only a lay man
will point fingers of reference
on this ruins of decadence
Only the foolish
Will accept this
Rape of Justice
And the abuse of the people’s mandate
Do not tell the ordeal with tears
History will tell these story of criminality

Weep not brother
Your word is your bond
You proved it to all
smile brother, you are a hero
merry brother, you are a warrior
You are man that God loves
Your lamp will never go deem
Because you remain the WINNER!!

Image Source: Ebere Ihedioha

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