Gowon Opens Up, Says Nigeria Violated The “Aburi Accord”

In a recent interview conducted by Channels Television in Nigeria, retired General Yakubu Gowon eventually owned up to the truth after more than forty years, to state that the late People’s General, late Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, had insisted that on “Aburi Accord”, he stood. But he, Yakubu Gowon, being the then Nigerian Military Head of State, totally objected to that laudable agreement reached at Aburi in Ghana.

Recall that the violation of the “Aburi Accord” by the Gowon-led federal military government of Nigeria, triggered off the most brutal and genocidal war ever known in human history, which claimed over five million (5,000,000) innocent Biafran lives including children, women, men and the elderly, with properties worth billions of US dollars, wantonly destroyed.

It is good that at last, the arch-genocidist himself, retired General Yakubu Gowon, has finally opened up in life time, to clearly speak the truth to the world, of what and who actually caused the reckless slaughtering of Biafrans by the Nigerian forces which were fully aided by Britain and her foreign allies.

Beneath is General Yakubu Gowon’s narratives of how Nigeria under his leadership, violated an agreement that would have saved the souls of millions of innocent Biafrans gruesomely killed between 1967 and 1970.

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4 thoughts on “Gowon Opens Up, Says Nigeria Violated The “Aburi Accord”

  1. Its quite unfortunate that all involved then have died. Why now that this is coming? Maybe the General is making a confession so that he can make heave

  2. If he like let him treck from jos to umuahia.he can even be crying as he is walking down .his confessions can’t make any difference now. because we already know the truth. he Will never have peace unless .we have peace.

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