God is pre-existing and undying. He is an intelligent Spirit Being, able to create anything that He conceives of, in His Mind. But His Personality is of three Essences. The Son of God, Jesus Christ (Yashua, Messiah) is the Effective Word of God, a Spirit Being of the same substance of divinity, co-equal, co-eternal, consubstantial, and omni potent. Same with the Holy Spirit of God , another Essence of God, by Whose Power the Word of God was made man, in order to redeem the fault of mankind. Whilst God the Father is the Architect of the universe and its creation, both human and material, God the Son, Yeshua, pre-existed as a Spirit Being Who wholeheartedly accepted the proposal for the creation of mankind and other things. All things were therefore made through Him, with Him and for Him. The Holy Spirit of God, Who enlivens all creation , rules and moves throughout the entire universe, is the Bond of unity between the Father and the Son. At creation, He hovered over the waters, incubating the mass of reality that was being ushered into existence, and purifying the said creation, like gold.

And so, God found everything good and blessed the said creation. But over and above everything, He instigated an order for all created things , setting up their respective boundaries . It meant that the realms of existence had a law governing them and not needing to be interrupted.

And so it was that when the sequence of the created things was broken, the need arose for a restoration, especially as the said rebellion created a dark void in a world of light that God had proclaimed good. Despite the fact that changing the anomalous situation implied a change of a royal decree nisi bordering on eternal death as penalty, God embarked on the said U-Turn, all because of His creation and also His Love. And need I say, too, because of His Word, with or through Whom He made everything.

And, as God reversed a royal decree, opting to rescue His Handiwork, Who better to see to its perfect realisation than the One through Whom and for Whom All things were made ? For He had rejoiced exceedingly at the proposal for the creation of mankind, something made in God’s Image and likeness, to be like God, by taking Godly decisions and actions on the face of the earth. And so, despite the Full implications of suffering and pain, with death in the bargain, also, He volunteered to endure the penalty for the rebellious offence, as sacrifice for the needful reversal.

Even though the entire court of Heaven fell silent for a few turbulent moments after God announced the plan for human redemption, the innumerable host of angelic beings broke into frenzied jubilation when Yeshua, the Eternal Word of God opted for Self Sacrifice for the redemption of mankind.

And so, in the fulness of time, God sent His Word, Who by the boundless Power of the Holy Spirit became Man. But it became clear that the gift of free will, which God endowed humanity with an intellectual property for choice, was rather tilting towards the wrong end of such a responsibility or response to His love and magnificent Heart. For Satana, the Slanderer, had instilled in man the love of himself as an end in itself, rather than God, Who is Love. And this is where were wear. Aside from this wrong concept and construct, which will not fulfil the final purpose of mankind, which is eternity in God, the thing which readily calls for the annihilation of mankind is a conscious decision to abrogate, annul and obscure God’s creative order. And purpose. We do this by attempting in specific ways to nullify His creation ( the totality of absurd practices and medical manipulations : gender transfers, nullification, cloning, same sex experience/marriage, child marriages and exploitation, all forms of sexual exploitation and revelry/demonism/devilry, anti life (abortion and murder in all forms, including religious and oppression, especially of the poor and defenceless) . But the final aspectwhich readily calls for divine vengeance is putting these things in the public domain, which means that we have taken full charge and responsibility for material life and mankind. In which case, Chukwu SERE AKA, UWA AGWU ! (If God blinks for a minute, the world will cease to be)

And we have been at it for generations now, consciously and subconsciously jettisoning God and His purposes for creation by our own self interest and motivated choices . And, as part of His divine Essence and purpose, He respects choices. For this reason, He let the devil to exercise the power he wielded by conVINCING Man to opt for a different kind of life, other than God had designed for the said mankind. In God’s plan, mankind was to attain the fulness of life through obediently loving and reverently adhering to the divine purpose for life. But when by rebellion mankind chose a different way, it logically chose the tempter, in place of God. The Latin word for Victory is VINCI, to conquer, as in invincible, Vincent, convince, evince, etc. It simply means that when for whatever reason you convince somebody about undertaking a particular line of action, you have full control of or over that person. And this was exactly what the devil did through his allegations against God in the garden, which bought man over. And God set up a plan to buy mankind back by paying the same devil in his own coin. For whilst the devil, as usual was filled with hate for mankind, as of jealousy, God manipulated this hatred to save mankind. In his own thoughts, the devil wanted to stop the work of salvation or redemption (buying back) by or through killing the Saviour of mankind. But since salvation entailed a sacrifice of death, in order for mankind to survive, God used the same plan of the devil as sacrifice for the salvation of the whole world.

And now, if anyone believes in this action of God, they shall not perish, but rather, have eternal life. This life is in His Son Yeshua. And so, everyone agrees that in the Parousia or end of time, He shall return to put a final end to the ugly developments in Nigeria and elsewhere, at the instigation of satana, Iblis, Ekwensu, or the devil. But, in point of fact, it is not God that will orchestrate this act of annihilation ( nullifying all creation ) , but rather mankind, through all of its singularity of choice for the selfish, the unjust , the unjustified, the unjustifiable and the evil. By this-God forbid ! – mankind would committed suicide , or rather rendered itself, through this wilful, devious twerking or kokoma ,Beyond REPAIRER!

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