Uwazurike Withdraws, Approves New Appointment In A Stunning Letter:

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Leader of Mobilisation For the Sovereign States Of Biafra, Chief Ralph Uwazurike has officially announced the Appointment of the new leader.

Uwazurike made this known in a letter published on his page on January 7th 2020.

Chief Ralph Uwazurike who was appointed by late General Odumegwu Emeka Ojukwu that fault almost all the days of his life to actualize Biafran Republic.

Chief Ralph Uwazurike had first disclosed his withdrawal from Leadership on December 20th 2019 which was not taken serious but now confirmed in a letter signed by him:



January 1st 2020, just a week ago, I officially withdrew my headship of our long expected Biafra Nation being championed by all, in particular the BIM-MASSOB. A journey we started 19 years ago after our initial assertion, 1967/70. On the same date, after due consultations with some principal stakeholders I appointed Chief Solomon O. Chukwu from Ikwerre to head our new nation as well as other patriotic Biafrans to assist in running our new administration. Work has commenced in earnest and so far, though so early, the signs are auspicious. And close to this set-up, my role is purely advisory.

I hereby notify all of this and humbly beckoning you to be part of our nations affairs.

Although these appointments are to start with; but as we grow, we shall inject more volunteers into the system to make it result-oriented. Temporarily our appointees are operating from Biafra House, Okwe, Okigwe and from Ojukwu Memorial Library, Owerri. But with time, and as we complete our secretariat complexes at various Biafra Zones, we shall accommodate all … Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Efik and all.

Let me here assure that our Biafran society shall be delineated to infrastructural capitals. In this, Calabar, Ikot-Ekpene, Yenegoa, Port-Harcourt, Umuahia, Owerri, Awka, Enugu, Abakiliki and Asaba shall distributively host either the executive, the legislative, the judicial, the agricultural, the industrial, the commercial and other sectors capital. This will help to decongestant the State Capital of our people’s choice.

Our decision and action in setting up Biafra Nation Internal Government is in hearkening to a call made by the Nigerian President, Major General Muhammed Buhari, while taking questions on Al-Jazeera and other national and international television interview that “they(referring to us Biafrans) can form a State within a State, as a way of defusing tension within the polity, and to give our people a system of government peculiar to our traditions, to our cultures, to our history within the Eastern geographical homogeneous setting.

As sons, either first born or the second, we have now the resources to stand independent of our father and to build our our own house. Having grown up, we cannot continue to live in our father’s house. For fact Nigeria is un-accommodative of us, we now live in our own building. And proud is the father who children build their houses near his. Let this be so with Nigeria.

Borrowing a leaf from Catalonia, from Hong- Kong, Scotland, Palestine and others that are now nation States like Eritrea, South Sudan and Kurds, we have given ourselves a nation-status within the larger Nigerian Federation. We have started in earnest and here inform and invite you all to recognize, accept and participate.

In doing this we clearly as unambiguously emphasize that we are not and cannot run into conflict with the Nigerian authorities. Our unarmed security men and women who quite understand the language and social behavior our our people shall rather complement the efforts of the Nigerian authorities. We call on them as well to see reasons of our decision.

We carry no arms because for now we have no army. We do not take laws into our hands because for now we have no police. But in executive, legislative and judiciary, we are on our own. In agriculture, science and technology, we are as well on our own. But in education, we may share some semblances with Nigeria, only that in clear differentiation we have made Biafran Languages of Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio and Efik official, compulsory and national. In due course we shall establish an Institute for Biafran Languages, inclusive English, French, Spanish, Chinese.

We have started somewhere. We must progress. Today’s Nation States were once like us today; tomorrow we shall be like them. Here we wait for final recognition at the United Nations. There are only two road connecting Biafra and others: the one leading in, and the one leading out. Through this two, we cordially relate with Nigeria and the World.

I intimate you of this; I also intimate the Nigerian authorities of this. But to you my people I invite you to be part and parcel of this our new Nation. To accept the challenges, certain that there is no parallel Biafra. To think of otherwise is to think of Sudan, of Somalia. Let us be far from such complexes.

To our Royal fathers, to our Politicians, to BILIE, LNC, NDLF, IYC, BNC, IPOB, ZIONISTS, To our Clergy, artisans, entrepreneurs and all, this is a clarion call, a letter intimating and inviting you all. We once started it all together, let us now join hand and celebrate it together. Because we are one.

And to our diaspora Biafrans, we genuinely recognize and appreciate all your efforts at diplomacy. Your sacrifices are worthwhile. And we are open to welcome new ideas, new opinions because we are talking of Biafra and not of group.

I make this letter public, with hope it gets to all. Let us accept the message and not the method. For inside the schell there is the kernel; beneath the nauseating humus, there is the green plant sprouting. Our Biafra offers us hope, offers Africa hope. Let us embrace it.


Chief, Dr. Ralph L. Uwazurike
Ijele Ndi-Igbo

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