Open Letter To The New United States Ambassador To Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard:

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Open Letter To The New United States Ambassador To Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard:

Dear Madam,

Calvary greetings! When the news of your appointment as the new Ambassador of the United States of America to Nigeria was broken, I was personally overwhelmed with joy, tagging it “US Christmas gift to the continent of Africa, West Africa sub-region and of course, Nigeria”. Having known the stuff women of your caliber represent in our contemporary world, I know that your coming to Nigeria at this material time, will definitely be a blessing in revolutionary terms.

There is no doubt that the name Nigeria and all it’s associated intrigues may not be strange to you. Nigeria is one of the countries in the West African sub-region, harboring the most deadliest terrorist groups (Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen) in the world, as well as the world’s headquarters of poverty. It also ranks as the most backward/bastardized countries globally, despite the enormous natural resources It is endowed with. Nigeria is second as a country, where mostly persecuted Christian population is inhabited. The country is vulgar, dirty, noisy, ostentatiously corrupt and dishonest. In fact “it is amongst the most unpleasant places on the planet earth to be”, according to the Nobel laureate winner, Professor Chinua Achebe of blessed memory.

Nigeria is a “litmus paper country” that turns blue to red. In it, truth and justice are anathemaic. It is an entity where financially induced touts are set against truth bearers. A place where supposed judges will proudly tell you that their hands are tied against justice delivery. A place where professional lawyers are grossly compromised to strictly peddle lies/deception against helplessly victimized citizens. Nigeria is a country where journalists are heavily paid to write and publish lies and junks in order not just to criminalize the innocent but to also hoodwink the gullible. They do not carry out detailed/unbiased investigation before dissemination of their news. This maladious enterprise was adequately summarized by the global leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when pointedly stated: “if you pay Nigerian journalists well, they will report the goodness of Satan”.

Ma, it is also necessary to state here that most Nigerian leaders/elites are celebrated thieves and killers from whom the youths take after. Even the late President Muhammadu Buhari in one of his comments said that “youths are lazy”. They are kidnappers, certificate forgers, diabolic, mentally regressed, terrorists, killers, inventors and sponsors of evil who treasure wickedness. Military and police operatives are ready and willing tools in the perpetration of human rights abuses. They blatantly engage in bribery and all forms of criminality. In Nigeria, the police is regarded as a force used alongside the army to extort money at different check points, indiscriminately arrest, brutalise and even kill the innocent. There is no rule of law. The government gives no recourse to constitutional stipulations as provided. Call for a referendum is termed as a declaration of war, resulting in treasonable felony charges against peaceful freedom agitators. In Nigeria, professors abound with no definite research works that will improve lives. You also have thousands of army generals with no war records. It also harbors fake pastors and deceitful prophets. Because it is a fantastically corrupt country, most unguided people who come with truth and equity, get mercilessly tainted before long. Christians are referred to as infidels, persecuted and gruesomely killed at will by Islamic terrorists, fully supported by the government.

Dear Ma, this letter is not meant to scare you but to aid you in your assignment so that you will remain untainted throughout your period of stewardship and representation of your country. The Nigerian issues need be approached with utmost care of respect for humanity which quite unlike your predecessor, was said by the Nigeria former Aviation Minister, chief Femi Fani-Kayode, to be Obama’s Ambassador instead of the United States’. The reasons why your pragmatic President, Mr. Donald Trump called Muhammadu Buhari a lifeless President, clearly abound. Without further instances, you have equally heard about US placing of Nigeria in “Special Watch List” of nations. It’s persecution and killing of Christians are provocatively alarming. This is what it really represents, “death and misery”. My happiness ma, hinges on the fact that your kind of person is what Nigeria deserves. The atrocities being committed in the country particularly, need be duly exposed and adequately punished.

As you work therefore for the sanctity of humanity and the awesome people of God Almighty, Biafrans especially, may the King of glory Himself, richly bless, guide and strengthen you ma, Amen.

Yours faithfully

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