Fire: 23 Factory workers died, not Fewer than 135 Injured in a fire Outbreak in Sudan:

23 Factory workers died, not Fewer than 135 Injured in a fire Outbreak in Sudan:

A fire outbreak which flamed at an industrial area in Sudan has killed not Fewer than 23 people and injuring nearly 135 persons.
The incident happened in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital after a fire caused by an explosion tore through the factory, the nation’s government confirmed. Thick black smoke surge into the sky after the blaze broke out at a tile manufacturing unit in an industrial zone in north Khartoum.

The lost of lives may increase as the victims are still being treated at local hospitals. “A fire erupted in an industrial area because of which 23 people were killed and more than 135 injured,” the statement said. “A blast in a gas tanker triggered the fire.” The government called on citizens to donate blood to treat the wounded persons.

“Observations indicate a lack of necessary safety measures and equipment at the factory, in addition to random storage of flammable materials led to the incident”. State television reported “heavy losses of life and property”.

“The explosion was loud. Several cars that were parked in the compound of the factory also caught fire,

” an employee of an adjacent factory told news newsmen. Sudan has suffered from various industrial accidents in recent months, raising concerns about the adequacy of health and safety regulations. Earlier this year, a fire caused partial damage to the presidential palace in Khartoum.

However, this is what some Sudanese indigenes are saying;

“As Harmattan is around the Corner. Most of Fire Outbreak we’r having now are commonly caused by Agriculcultural Feeds brought in our environment, Reckless Keepings of Safety Matches, Gasses, & Flammeable Fluids within our childrens’ reached. Throwing of Cigarette ends before ignited by the Careless Smokers. May Allah Protects us against Fire Disasters & relevant cases,”

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