Israel Prime Minister Met With US Secretary Of State In Lisbon:

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Israel Prime Minister Met With US Secretary Of State In Lisbon:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Lisbon. According to the source, The meeting was help to discuss some matters, specifically on security.

The Prime Minister Netanyahu unveil some critical points as he presides on the meeting;

“I’m delighted, again, to see you, Secretary Pompeo.

The first subject that I will raise is Iran, the second subject is Iran, and so is the third, and many more.

We’ve been fortunate that President Trump has led a consistent policy of pressure against Iran. Iran is increasing its aggression as we speak, even today, in the region. They’re trying to have staging grounds against us and the region from Iran itself, from Iraq, from Syria, from Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen and we are actively engaged in countering that aggression.

The Israeli-American policy is key to that effort, that serves the purposes of many, many countries in the region. That will be the first subject that I will raise, including the ability to strengthen even further our mutual defense.

I’m very grateful to you, Mr. Secretary for the statement by the State Department that said that settlements are not illegal.

I think that contrary to every common spin, this actually advances peace, because peace has to be based on truth, and not on lies.

The United States American Secretary of state expressed his satisfaction on the just concluded protest in Iran; saying, “these are people that are seeking freedom and a reasonable way to live, and they recognize the threat that’s posed by the kleptocrats who are running the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Mr Netanyahu concluded by saying “We are committed to advancing security, prosperity and peace in our region, and I believe this conversation and many others will do exactly that.” RELATED: Politics: Israel Prime Minister Held A Security Meeting Today.

Credit: GPO, Israel Prime Ministers Page

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