Biafrans Should Go; The Expired And Imposed Amalgamation Documents Are Fake & Illegitimate:

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Biafrans Should Go; The Expired And Imposed Amalgamation Documents Are Fake & Illegitimate:

Smart and educated Nigerians knows the truth about the expiration of Nigeria. Even the so called British government are in deep regret and remorse owing to the suppression, subjugation, humiliation and marginalization of Igbo people in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, it has come to the point of zero tolerance amongst the Igbos in Nigeria. It’s not an armchair conclusions to posit that the population of Igbos has drastically reduced due to genocidal attacks in regular basis. This level of intimidations and harassment calls for instant declaration of United States Of Biafra.

Some political gurus might be confused to hear the call of secession in a Federal System of government but it’s possible… Especially, when a particular regime has failed or crisis in the state.

Igbos are no longer interested in anything that draws them closer to the politics of Federal Republic Of Nigeria after all, 1914 imposed amalgamation has expired.

On December 31st, 2014, the document that amalgamated Nigeria into one country would expire. The British colonial edict of 1914 could be renewed or denounced, and the Nigerian state could stay united or split into several entities.

We ought to agree either to extend it [amalgamation edict] or not

Starting from January 1, 2014, Nigerians and power brokers of the fourth republic must decide whether or not the country should remain a united entity.

The Movement for a New Nigeria (MNN), a secessionist organisation has emerged to capitalise on the uncertainty surrounding the colonial order, and the array of ethnic and tribal centred problems. “We ought to agree either to extend it [amalgamation edict] or not,” MNN secretary general Tony Nnadi told reporters on 10 December.

For many, the clogs in the wheels of Nigerian unity began even before the Union Jack was lowered for the green and white flag.

As established by scholars, public figures, and political commentators, the 1914 amalgamation edict authored by Britain’s Lord Frederick Lugard was illegitimate because it was done without a referendum.

It has also been criticised for ignoring the complexities of the ethnic and cultural divisions of the Niger-area. Hundred years after Nigeria’s amalgamation, the north has remained the North, and so has the East and the West. Related: Secret 1914 Amalgamation Documents Finally EXPOSED.

Consequently, advancing the Nigerian state has lagged behind regional placations.

As the 1914 British order expires, Nigerians must be prepared to address the state of the nation and its continuity through a national conference or the National Assembly.

Nigerians must be willing to talk about its existence as a unified entity. In the words of Nigerian scholar Femi Ajayi, “refusing to talk is like wanting to avoid variance in our daily life”.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo tried to get Nigerian power brokers to talk about the country’s unity, but the 2005 National Political Reforms Conference, fell through.

Likewise, President Goodluck Jonathan proposed his national conference to discuss Nigerian unity and continuity.

The expiry of the amalgamation pits Jonathan’s proposed national conference against growing disillusionment, religious and ethnic divisions, political posturing, and terrorism in Nigeria.

The implications of the 1914 edict under the current state of affairs in Nigeria are complex: Legally, Nigeria would seize to exist after 2014; the country would return to the pre-1914 structure that is the Lagos colony, the northern and southern protectorates; and the Nigerian people must re-enter a new agreement under their own terms.

Contingency plans have been reported to be underway by foreign powers who are convinced that Nigeria would split by 2015.

Nevertheless, in a pivotal phase of the fourth republic, Nigeria must decide whether or not it wishes to challenge the legality of the 1914 amalgamation edict or continue or abandon the dictates of the order. Also Read: The Amalgamation Of Nigeria In 1914 Was A Fraud.

Apparently, if there is a consensus, Nigeria’s continued existence can be negotiated and a new union treaty created.

The promise of Igbo Presidency by the cabals and countered opinions:

It might surprise you to hear that some group of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB embarrassed Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Germany because of the support some Igbo leaders are mobilizing for it.

“Speaking about IPOB, the regional and separatist ideology of the south-east group has somewhat rubbed off on the collective ambition (if at all it exists) of the geopolitical zone such that the power-wielding tribes in Nigeria look at Igbos suspiciously when it comes to politics at the national level.

To give this factor a more pointed edge, one can go as far as saying that the north and the southwest are afraid that giving an Igbo man the rare opportunity of becoming Nigeria’s president will invariably foster the objective of IPOB, which is secession.”

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe interview on Igbo Presidency 2023!!

“If somebody cannot let you be his gate-man, how is he going to give you the keys to his house to come and live in the house? And I have just pointed out to you: Show me that one person {from the south-east} in this present government of APC, apart from statutory people – statutory, like ministers. Of course, you must appoint ministers, because that’s what the constitution says, but apart from them, tell me which other person from the south-east that is in this government?

…They don’t allow anybody from the south-east get near, and then they will tell the south-easterner that they will get there {the President in 2023}. How are you gonna get there? And I will continue to reiterate to the people in APC, if you don’t let me be your gate-man, how can you give me the keys to your house, because if you want me to be the President, that means you are going to bring me in; I am going to be part of what you do. I am going to have a role in your government. And what happens now is, if you are a minister, you don’t see the President unless you go through the Chief of Staff. Is that not what we are told? Or, you have to write your memo and it goes through the Secretary to the Government. So, where do you get in? Where? Yet we have two people. We have former Senate Presidents and all that, who are part of APC, but are nowhere to be found but they will tell you, ‘don’t worry, In four years we are going to give you the seat of government.’ How would you believe them? If you believe them, that means you are not thinking!

“Those of us who have seen all these, it does not matter what you tell us, what we are saying is that it does not really matter what you are saying we want that we do devolution of powers, we change revenue formula – ensuring that the criteria are changed, so that population plays a part.”

Also Read: Between The Quest For Biafra And The Igbo Presidency.

From these political insights, 2023 Igbo Presidency vision is a needle in a haystack.

Just Yesterday, December 2nd 2019, Family Writers Press International confirms the attack of Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor by the Police:

“Confirmed reports from Family Writers Press International undercover correspondents have it that Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s residence at his home town, Oraifite, in Ekwusigo local government area of Anambra State, was murderously invaded by officers and men of the Nigerian Police Force in the morning hours of Monday 2nd December 2019. The fully armed police personnel quickly picked up some family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), summarily shot them dead, threw them into their Hilux van and set the vehicle ablaze alongside the corpses of the killed IPOB activists.

Family Writers Press International can authoritatively confirm to the global community, that contrary to the concocted press statement released by the Police Public Relations Department of the Anambra State Command, to deceive the public, there is absolutely no member of the Nigerian Police Force that was harmed by the armless IPOB members throughout the duration of the bloody raid by the uncultured security agents. Instead, not less than five IPOB activists were brutally murdered while several others sustained varying degrees of gunshot wounds.”

It’s colossaly clear that the state do not want the Igbos to be part of them.

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  1. Enough is enough Biafra MUST go. Away with the fraudulent 1914 amalgation documents, its has expired and we have to leave this unhealthy unity called Nigeria.

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