Breaking! Hausa Popular Activist Supports Referendum:

Hausa Popular Activist Supports Referendum Which Was Initially Raised by IPOB:

Referendum: One of the popular female Nigeria activist known as Aisha Yusuf, who became more famous for her unweakening spirit against injustice and also a patriotic citizen of Nigeria, that led the campaign titled “Bring back our girls” after the abduction of chibok girls in 2014, has shared a video clip opposing the motion of President Muhammadu Buhari third tenure in office.

The activist and also a social media influencer shared an aggrieve video clip stipulating how angry she felt when she heard about the third tenure of the ruling party candidate, after his completion of his second tenure in office.

In her statement, she stated it clearly that if the president is aspiring to come back for presidency again after his second tenure, it therefore means there should be referendum; that’s a democratic participants electoral process by electorates to seek their tenets on the proposal which can be done Nationwide directly supporting the agitation for Biafra by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. However doing this can call for a new constitutional Amendment, because non of his succesors has ever done such since the emerge of democracy system of government in Nigeria.

She stated this because she believe with the introducing of referendum it will help seek reactions and comments of electorates on the president Muhammadu Buhari third term in office. Haven spoken on the introduction of referendum she said

“She wouldn’t mind looking for a Visa to enable her go to Daura, president Buhari Home town where he hails from in Katsina State, to know how the third tenure will be”,

“By the time she must have arrived at Daura, she would be free from more hardship that awaits citizens of this country and she will have nothing to do with the Buhari third tenure, and if Nigerians insist they need him for more 100years that should be non of her business”.

Furthermore, she said she can’t be enslave by anybody just thesame way our parents were enslaved in the past all for their personal selfish interest. She said the idea of third tenure and it originators will not ensure development strides in Nigeria, but if they insist it must work then it propounders will wait for the repercussion of their selfish action.

Aisha Yusuf in a remarkable statement, urge Nigeria citizens not to be afraid to speak out on the Haphazard motion of third tenure, because if they do we all will wait to see the Aftermath of quietness not being vocal to spew out the truth.

Nigeria as a country has be in existence not Fewer than hundred years, nobody can destroy the nation while we all are still alive to defend ourselves, said Aisha.

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