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Pregnancy should never be a prerequisite for marriage, why should a man tell you that if you are not pregnant he can’t marry you that is not a marriage anymore it is a contract. A man basically wants to have sex with you for the sole aim of pregnancy that is selfishness.

When has sex become all about childbearing, what happens if you get pregnant and have a miscarriage or you lose the baby or you can’t have another child after that one, is he going to divorce you? All these things happen in pregnancy and a lot of people experience it, we don’t control life and there are always forces beyond us.

Don’t jump into that kind of relationship because you feel you can give him a child, marriages are not about conditions it is a lifelong commitment. Even if you give this man a child there is no guarantee that he would treat you like a wife you are only a mother to his child.


This man’s love is conditional. If you don’t give him a baby then there is no love for you. If you don’t get pregnant at the speculated time then he will move to somebody else and if you lose the baby after marriage then he won’t treat you right. In fact, he will think you tricked him into marrying you and you won’t like the result.

 A lot of young ladies who fell for such men have been abandoned and you need to learn from their story. Whichever way it works you are setting up yourself for an unloving marriage and you will end up becoming a bitter person because your naivety and innocence have been tampered with.

What to do?

Ask questions

Pregnancy is not what you want to do all by yourself, there is a need to be very sure. Ask him why he wants the baby and why he is making you sign such a contract. You need to find out if he is not married.

Ask the right questions that is the only way to know.

Don’t lower your standard for pregnancy before marriage

Singleness is not what you should be scared about, don’t be in a hurry to make hasty decisions. The pressure would always come but you don’t have to bow to societal pressures and expectations at the end of the day it is your life and whatever happens to fall back on you.

Don’t lower your standard to get pregnant.

Work harder

A lot of ladies go into this type of contract because of the promises made to them but in reality, they can work harder and get all that is promised and even more. You want a shortcut in life, life does not work that way. You want a luxurious life without patience and hard work, I’m afraid life does not operate that way. The truth is that a man asking for pregnancy before marriage does not love you, the validity of marriage should be based on love and commitment and not procreation.

No pregnancy no marriage is a trap!

It is a trap to cage you forever. Patience is a virtue, there is a lot you can achieve all by yourself and who says you can’t find a man who will love you without boundaries. You just have to be patient.



Re-examine the assumptions of this contract you call marriage. Consider the points raised and run for your life. You deserve to be happy and marriage is too long to endure with someone who does not love you. If you dedicated and hardworking you will be very wealthy.


You will find a young man who will love you and will be committed to you so that you can be comfortable and be happy. Someday, you will be glad you didn’t fall for this arrangement that is if you choose to listen.

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