Biafra Confirmed:


The Nigerian former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has just examined Nigeria current issues, said that the only solution is freedom of self-determination by the ethnic nationalities that made-up Nigeria as a country.

This was disclosed by the Barrister on his Twitter handle this evening;

“President Muhammadu Buhari approves Air Force University in Bauchi after Police College in Kano, Defence Academy in Kaduna and Army University in Borno.

Southern slaves keep clapping! You will get sense by force!

The bitter truth is that the fundamental problems of Nigeria cannot be solved by political parties and can only be solved through the self-determination of the various ethnic nationalities that cohabit in what is essentially an accursed and doomed union of bondage and servitude.

As things stand now we are nothing but a vassal state that is in the full control and power of the Fulani and their Caliphate!

I do not wish to offend anyone but let me make this abundantly clear: I would rather die than bow to our self-styled oppressors and conquerors. I would rather go to my grave as a freeman than live a slave.

Like others that came before me and that have spoken through the ages I say, “give me freedom or give me death”. He said!

Political Scientists have concord that the Barrister’s suggestions are in line with The Indigenous people of Biafrans mission which will go a long way to settle all the various ethnic groups in the state. Also Read: Biafrans Freedom Become World Agenda As Indigene Of Great Britain Support The Struggle.

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