Femi Fani-Kayode Sends A Birthday Tribute To Goodluck Jonathan:

Femi Fani-Kayode Sends A Birthday Tribute To Goodluck Jonathan:

The former Minister of Aviation a birthday Tribute to the former President of Federal Republic Of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan:

This was confirmed on Barrister Femi tweets some minutes ago;

The Barrister describes Dr Goodluck Jonathan as a profoundly good man…

“Happy birthday to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a profoundly good man, a kindhearted and selfless leader, a man of peace and compassion and a man that history has already vindicated.

You have been as constant as the northern star in all your endeavours, in standing for decency and truth and in refusing to react to the vile provocations and insults of your numerous detractors.

You sir are the quintessential gentleman: considerate, restrained, calm even in stormy waters, faithful to the cause of justice, freedom and our nation, inspirational and exemplary in all your ways, kind to a fault and confident and focused about the future of our people.

You still have so much to offer Nigeria and I know that you will still play a key role sometime in the future. I am proud to be associated with you, I regard you as my leader and I count you as one of my most trusted and loyal brothers and friends.

God bless you now and always and may He grant you many more years of peace, health, joy and wealth.

From generation to generation your name shall be celebrated and history and posterity shall be kind to you.

Your star shall never dim and your legacy shall remain as solid as the rock of Gibralter far into the distant future.

Thank you for giving us hope, courage and strength. Thank you for your constant concern, love, compassion and kindness.

Happy birthday Mr. President. Have a wonderful day!”

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