We Are Changing The Equation-Benjamin Netanyahu:

We Are Changing The Equation:

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu really spoke on an important issue to his council today. This was confirmed this afternoon he spoke by telephone with council heads from the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and told them:

“We are changing the equation. I told you that we would choose the right time. The right time was the day before yesterday, as the ISA Director said ‘The stars aligned’. The heads, commanders and militants of the terrorist organizations know that they are in the crosshairs and that at any time we could act against them anywhere. They understand this message very well. We decided to strengthen our deterrence with new means that they have not even imagined. We carried out an action with surgical precision. Instigators of terrorism and commanders know that we can reach them personally. They fire from within civilian populations and hide behind civilians. We broke this equation by targeting him while he was hiding. I very much appreciate your steadfastness and support, and that of your residents.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the council heads to instruct their residents to listen to IDF Home Front Command directions.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Prime Minister’s Office Acting Director General Ronen Peretz to stay in contact with the council heads and to assist them with whatever is needed.

The council heads said that they stood by, and commended, the Prime Minister on the action. They said that in recent years there has been growth in the cities and a significant increase in population by dozens of percentage points. They also noted that the residents are strong and give their continued backing.

Credit: Israel Official Page.

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