Biafra: IPOB In Diaspora Embarks On A New Strategy:

IPOB In Diaspora Embarks On Another Deplomatic Strategy To Restore Biafra:

The Indigenous people of Biafra are currently embarking on another diplomatic step that geared towards restoring the sovereignty of Biafra that were lost.

“Right from inception, The Indigenous People of Biafra have been a peaceful organization operating according to the rule of law and in accordance with the right for self determination agitating for freedom for the Igbos in Nigeria.”

“We have tried to engage the government of the federal Republic of Nigeria, dialogue and have referendum but all efforts proved abortive.”

Yesterday another Deplomatic Strategy was initiated by one of their members named Clinton B in a conversation with the Deputy IPOB leader Bar. Uche Mefor;

“IPOB should take note that on the 30th May, 1967 the entire Biafrans including all Igbos and their descendants unanimously renounced their Nigerian Citizenship and all became Biafran Citizens and Loyal to Biafran Government.

Then in January, 1970 Nigeria under the auspices of Britain after perpetrating gruesome Genocide illegally occupied and annexed Biafraland without any Referendum.

This means that all Biafrans and their descendants continued to be Biafrans Citizens starting from 30th May 1967 till date until a Referendum is conducted to ratify their Citizenship or change their Citizenship status. All Biafrans and their descendants already renounced their Nigerian Citizenship since on the 30th May 1967 and IPOB should embark on aggressive public awareness of the true Identity of all Biafrans including all Igbos.
What happened in the Republic of Biafra in January 1970 was illegal occupation and annexation of a Sovereign Independent State of Biafra by Nigeria State which is Criminal, inhumane and gross violations of United Nations Charter which States that no Country can annex another Country via War or Violence.

Examples abound in 1990 Saddam Hussein of Iraq violently invaded Kuwait and annexed it and converted it to one of Iraqi Provinces. Because there was no Referendum to make the annexation Legal and Legitimate, UN rejected the annexation and UN Security Council unanimously imposed War on Iraq known as Gulf War spearheaded by USA and Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation and regained it’s Sovereignty and Independence since 19990.

In 2014 Russia invaded Crimea a formerly Ukraine Territory and occupied it and immediately conducted a democratic Referendum and 99% of Crimea people massively voted to become Russian Citizens and they all renounced their Ukrainian Citizenship.
Therefore, IPOB should learn from these examples and understand the international Politics of Biafra.
Republic of Biafra is already in existence but under criminal and illegal occupation

Mazi Uche Okafor-Mefor please see this if it makes sense.” Also Read: IPOB Clarifications On The New Strategy.

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