Anambra: Tankers Baned From Operating During The Day By The State Govt:

Anambra Stàte Government revealed on Friday that it has banned fuel tankers from moving during the day according to the Breaking Times:

It revealed that the vehicles can only move during the night. This action came into place following the recent fatal accidents involving tanker drivers carrying petroleum products.

The contents of the tanker spilled and caught fire, leaving host of persons died and destroying shops worth billions of naira around the popular Ochanja market in the city.

Another tanker fell on Thursday but the fire service responded quickly and stopped the fuel from causing havoc.

Adinuba, the Commissioner for Information revealed in a statement that tanker drivers can only be allowed to move within the state from 8 pm to 5am.

“The State Government has decided to restrict the time frame which the tanker vehicles with petroleum
products can move in the state because of the incessant collapse of trucks carrying petroleum in Anambra State in recent weeks.

“This action takes effect from Saturday, November 2, 2019, in which such vehicles can only be allowed to move from 8pm to 5am.

“He noted that this action is to enable the various agencies to respond quickly
in good time of emergencies created by such accident.

He warned that police officers and other agencies have been mandated to “religiously enforce the

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