Declare Biafra Now, Onitsha Fire Outbreak And A Failed State:

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Declare Biafra Now:

The world are still watching even when a lot has happened but not seeing. The president of the United States Of America can not deny the fact that he hasn’t seen the massacre, genocide, marginalization and mass exodus in the Eastern part of Nigeria or Biafraland.

Queen Elizabeth cannot deny it as well! It’s on record that British have been the architect of this calamities befallen the Indigenous people of Biafra.

Obviously, the charter that led to the United Nigeria popularly known as the amalgamation of the North and Southern proletariat of 1914 has expired.

Without due consultation, the Elite have renewed this demonic charter contrary to the best interest of the Indigenous people of Biafra…

Meanwhile, the people of Biafra don’t want to be addressed as Nigerians anymore owing the above stated issues in Nigeria.

The government of the United States Of America should not take such call for granted.

Very sad to say that; On the 16th October 2019 a bright day turned black for the people of Onitsha, especially @ochanja market… where a tank carrying fuel was involved in a ghastly explosion which could have been avoidable but claiming the lives and properties of a large amount of people in Biafraland.

This incident could be fault to the negligence of the driver, government, and fire service…

From another perspective, they are many ways this fire could have been avoidable just like former president atiku abubakar tweeted earlier..

Today in Nigeria,
states are decorated with bad roads, bad packing and lots more. If only the driver had undergone truck check by the government who were suppose to provide such services, this could have been avoidable…

Some tanker drivers in Nigeria today don’t even know what truck safety precaution is called.

They didn’t even undergo DRIVING SCHOOLS OR LESSONS.

It is not even a good idea for a truck loaded with oil or fuel to be in a choked up or tight area, where people and trucks should sharing the same part as where to be and where to park.

It almost seems like they should have their own roads and parking lots.

The tanker driver due to ignorance, couldn’t even check or fix car technical faults. Every truck in the State should be checked especially the ones carrying oil and fuel.

These are things that concerns live which should be a priority.

It’s the responsibility of the government to provide all of these service, just like in western countries especially the united states where they have like 5 or more rules guiding truck driving.
In the United States Of America;
Drivers are to be checked to determine those using drugs and *alcohol,

*Seat belt check,
*road check,
*eating check,
*health check and so on, especially the ones carrying oil…
In the part of fire service, their negligence was quite uncalled for their pumps cannot develop fault during a crucial moment. Igbo People die on the basis due to the carelessness of Nigeria as a country.

All these and more are the major instigation of the Indigenous people of Biafra to agitate for their own sovereign state.

Boko-haram and Fulani herdsmen have done more harm than good.
Security agents are only for the elite and cabals.

Therefore, Nigeria as a country, have failed to protect lives and properties of Igbo people (Biafrans).
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