Nigeria Customs Service Confiscated Containers:

Containers Of Rice Confiscated By The Nigeria Customs Service At The Port:

Nigeria Customs Service has revealed that it has seized 34 containers of illegal rice imported through the Island port.

Hameed Ali ( retd ), the Comptroller General of Customs revealed this on Tuesday in Lagos as was gathered by the Punch Newspapers.

He revealed that one of the rice seized was said to be spare parts by its importers.

In addition to the 34 containers of siezed rice, he confirms that the custom service also caught 11 unregistered pharmaceutical products, two used containers of tyres, one used container of clothing and four containers of refined vegetable oil which was in retail packs, bringing it to 52 contraband containers seized.

Our source reports that the general channeled the seizure to the recent closure
of borders which according to him, prompted importers to find another means thereby using the seaport.

Welcoming the closure of the border which according to him will boost revenue, improve trade facts and figures and sustain
diversification efforts, the custom service have also recorded a wholesome number of seized products which would have been smuggled through the borders.

According to the general, there will be possible backlash in the closure of land borders and therefore, he directed all seaports and airports to muscle up systematic observation and sieze all illicit and contraband products which will attempt to enter through the available entry points.

The General revealed that the seized rice came from Thailand and some of them had expired.

He revealed that Central Bank of Nigeria had not since 2015 issued Form M for the importation of rice through the seaports ; therefore, any foreign rice coming to the country was smuggled.

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