Breaking News: Igbo Lang. Now Compulsory In All Schools In Imo State:

The government of Imo State have made Igbo Language compulsory in all School in Imo state.

According to the source, (Vanguard Newspapers) at scene of the event confirms that; the state Commissioner for Education, Prof. Viola Onwuliri, who spoke during the matriculation ceremony of the State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Orlu, reveals that the use of Igbo language is going to be compulsory in all levels of education in the state.

The Director of Tertiary Education, Mr Basil Iwu who represented the commissioner encouraged teachers, parents, guardians to children and love one Igbo language

The source also gathered what the commissioner said at the event. The commissioner said, “We have resolved to make the Igbo language a compulsory subject in schools in Imo State. We believe our children need to know their roots and we can encourage that by teaching them our language which is our heritage in schools. Parents and guardians should equally teach their children and wards Igbo language at homes.”

The commissioner insists they should try as much as possible to ensure that igbo language is compulsory in the college.

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