BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu Publish His 2019 Article On Biafra:

Nnamdi Kanu’s Article Published On Independent UK:

Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra has had his article published again on the UK Independent.
This is the 10th articles on Biafra published on the same platform.

Several opinions have been gathered but the fact remains that despite treats, intimidations and attacks, Kanu still maintains that Biafra in his time will be actualized through diplomatic means.

Base on Kanu’s article few hours ago on Independent UK. Igbos in the Eastern Part of Nigeria are in high spirit celebrate their freedom at anytime.

Gurus and Political intellects have been predicting the time Biafra will be a country of its own but they had encountered one error or the order owing to predicting it at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu and his people popularly known as the Indigenous people of Biafra have made this time, the right time to predict Biafrans independence.

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69 thoughts on “BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu Publish His 2019 Article On Biafra:

  1. Nigeria is undoubtedly a slave camp for biafrans and what could be most gratifying than the sure Biafra independence!? What ever that has a beginning must have an end!

    1. We are Biafrans no doubt about that, the pains at which we are passing through today will never last forever, nnamdi kanu has done with many so called elites in Biafra land has not done. I strongly believe in the law of kamar, them shall all give their stewardship soon

  2. No matter how dark is the night, it shall break into day. Biafra is a project that has started and will soon be completed. God is our strength.

  3. Britain is responsible for Africa’s chronic failure.
    Biafra is hostage to imperialists who are afraid of resultant African revolution from the realization of Biafra.
    Nothing lasts forever, not even Britain.

  4. We want Freedom and Biafra stands for freedom. Nigeria is not working and can never work because the majority of Nigeria don’t believe the entity called Nigeria.
    Even the constitution it self does not believe in one Nigeria.

  5. As long as God lives, the Children of God, the Indigenous People of #BIAFRA will continue to See the light 💡 of the day with high Spirit till FREEDOM of BIAFRA Comes.

    One day the Egyptians we see today, we shall see them no more.

    Am hearing 👂the sound 📢 of VICTORY ✌️.

  6. The people whose are calling themselves the so-called BIAFRANS , have to comprehend that they’re telling the Whole WORLD , they’re TRAITORS to NIGERIA and the COUNTRY have the right to render punishment deserves for TRAITORS .
    Almost over five decades ago . NIGERIA in her Merciful nature , welcomed them back as CITIZENS with full benefits . Instead for them to take advantage of the gestures and utilizes the opportunities giving to them , they’re becoming ENEMIES AND TRAITORS . NO NATIONS on this Earth will tolerate such behaviors . The sooner you realize the better , BIAFRA is finished and done with forever and it will never rise again . Repent for your Crimes and join us to build a better COUNTRY NIGERIA .

    1. Where was Ur Father. I know u are a goat and cow. U eat other people resources and they are dying . Tell me?what comes out from the north and how many businesses has ur people in South. Stupid fool u are,u want to reap were u did not sow. U will eat ur cow and where their skin as a cloth.

    2. Except the Lord build a nation the builder labor but in vain and except the Lord keep over a nation the Watchmen watched but in vain those who have ears let them hear

    3. U may be right ur saying but not allowing d traitors or d enemies not to go makes u stupid and foolish at d same time cos no good father will like to keep an enemy or a criminal as a son.
      Think about it 😍

      1. Imagine the brain of that mallam… A graduate from the zoological republic of Nigeria university of continuous strike year after year and still they want power after of continuous decades of failures…

        We will continue to press on until things change, we must get Biafra, its a duty

      I wonder what you interpreted as gestures! But have it mind that the name ‘Nigeria’ is a threat to mankind. It has nothing good for humanity, hence it continues unleashing agony, deaths and backwardness to lives o those who strive to survive. Biafra is an Ideology, no man can subdue it.

    5. Reply to Ali Baba Kano
      You completely say that the so called Biafrans were welcomed into Nigeria and they should have appreciated being part of what was given to them. My questions to you Ali Baba was???? What has your so-called Nigeria offered the Biafrans? You must have known this from the beginnings that you the so called Nigerians can not do without the Biafrans just take a look around the development of your so called Nigeria today who were the main builders of that so-called Nigeria of yours. The main reasons why you the so called Nigerians were bent on being part of the country was because of the oil no worries the oil well will soon dry up as the whole world will soon be going on electric less see if your so called Nigeria will not break into pieces. Come to think of this what has the Northerners contributed to your so called Nigeria. As the Biafrans say that enough is enough why can’t all the so called Nigerians get that in their thiny skulls. Thank goodness your Britain who were the main nation that supported the massacred of the Biafrans were now planning how the will leave the European union. If the Btitain will leave EU then the possiblity of Biafrans must be a realiality we will all see how it will up……..Hail Biafra.

    6. It is very unfortunate that u don’t know history. Ask ur fore fathers for the bitter truth. If someone says I don’t want your Union any more, if u are not mischievous, y don’t u allow the person to stay on its own.

    7. U parasite will remain a superlative idotic fool. You close every air and sea ports in biafra, you left all their roads and other infrastructures in a delapidated state since after your so called civil war victory, you send your terrorists Nigeria army to kill them at will, you send your police and customs to extort money from their little daily living, you rape their mothers and daughters, yet all the resources that runs your useless Nigeria came from biafra, you take money from biafra to expand Lagos seaport and build another dry one in Kaduna, and non for biafra, but idiotic lunatics like you want biafra to fold their hands and continue with the suffering that you and stupid Nigerian have created for them… but be reminded that we are head on for freedom, and not you or your so called useless Nigerian will stand against it when the time comes soon…

      1. You are absolutely senseless and lack true information of the civil war between the zoo nation ( Nigeria ) and the Biafra nation. OIadvise you to do a proper research or citation on the 1967 to 1970 civil war between the said nation’s. Between how was Nigeria one in the first place? Do you really know the meaning of amalgamation in this subject? How could anyone in his right senses justify the British evil forceful act of bringing together of different people with different believe, language and culture together as one? The earlier you think right, the better for you

    8. You slumber, One day you will wake up to reality , to hear the great news and the announcement will come as a complete surprise to you…when the Arab world taught that they have defeated Israel and was busy celebrating,…the next day ,to their surprise to hear about a new nation called Israel ……Biafra is undefeated….we are marching forward and upward only… …Very soon The United state of Biafra will be celebrated all over world…..

    9. You are absolutely senseless and lack true information if the civil war between the zoo nation ( Nigeria ) and the Biafra nation. O advise you to do a proper research or citation on the 1967 to 1970 civil war between the said nation’s. Between how was Nigeria one in the first place? Do you really know the meaning of amalgamation in this subject? How could anyone in his right senses justify the British evil forceful act of bringing together of different people with different believe, language and culture together as one? The earlier you think right, the better for you.

    10. People like you lack civilisation and the will to be called a human being.

      A bit of education to you, the call for biafra is not a call for war. People cannot be forced to live together. Only time will tell, nobody can stop biafra and biafra is inevitable. If Nnamdi kanu goes down today but God forbid, a more radical, wiser and stronger biafra shall emerge. Igbos are ready for people like you.

    11. Fools wasting time and writing rubbish. See cow telling us that we were welcome to Nigeria forgetting the UN law on freedom of association. Let me tell you it is our right to decide where we will be . from your statement it is telling the world how your brothers from north have oppressed the people of Biafra

    12. You are a traitor boko haram and not Biafrans who are the most civilized and organized people…Fulani’s and Hausa’s depend on oil and had continued to suck us for decades…soon with two cow eyes you will see us go and you will die out of poverty

  7. If the almighty God says Biafra must come to be. Know body can stop it. It will only take time. God bless Biafra.

  8. Nigeria as country aged 59 years
    No light
    No water
    No roads
    No hospital
    But full with natural Resources with bad governance, as U.k harbour corrupt assets keeping the country in poverty, One must be ashamed to be a Nigeria, her children are drowned in Mediterranean sea year by year

  9. Nigeria as country aged 59 years
    No light
    No water
    No roads
    No hospital
    But full with natural Resources with bad governance, as U.k harbour corrupt assets keeping the country in poverty, One must be ashamed to be a Nigeria, her children are drowned in Mediterranean sea year by year

  10. Discipline and positive consciousness will librates all of us, be it Nigeria or Biafra. Your fellow human matters, not the words. Once again let us be guided.

    1. Why been boarded by a tribe or race, while they are not to decide whether Biafra will liberate or not, but the truth must be told, Biafra have been defeated that is why the name is Nigeria is retained, have u all forgotten what we were asking for between 1967_1970 is it not for a sovereignty known as The federal republic of Biafra,at the end We were told no victo no vanquish, but a name was retained which is Nigeria, can we look for another name that will be fit our nation because Biafra have been defeated since

  11. An anti dote for a deases of the blood is only a temporary inhibition and not a cure,for Nigeria, Biafra is a deases of the blood and in a matter of time,God Almighty will cure Nigeria of this ailment by freeing her from this deases of her blood. Bifra we!

  12. Freedom is of God. Therefore, the living God we serve will surely grant us freedom.
    Biafrans has suffered a lot in the hands of Hausa/Fulani in the contraception called Nigeria.
    In God we trust!

  13. The problem with most of our Nigerian brothers is ignorance. Biafrans did not surrender. The captured Biafran military officers did. See the Commanding Officer 3rd Marine Commando, Colonel Obasanjo’s report to then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon: these Biafran Officers “formally gave up succession and report for reappointment and redeployment.” This was followed by Major General Philip Effiong’s report: we affirm we are loyal Nigerian citizens; “any future constitutional arrangement will be worked out by the representatives of the people of Nigeria.”
    Any educated Nigerian or individual will infer from the above that (a), Biafra did not surrender but the officers that went for reappointment and redeployment and (b), future succession was left for “future constitutional arrangement” to be worked out by the representatives of the people. To think Otherwise is blatant ignorance and wishful thinking.

  14. It suffice it to say you are stupid and idiotic. Is unfortunate your father was not educated as to educate you to be able to read and understand history. It was people like your father that removed history in Nigeria school curriculum. You opened your uncircumcised mouth to mention BIAFRA, soon you will… in the desert where you belong before the advent of the demonic colonial Britain. Fool!

  15. So called Nigeria are blood suckers they know that Igbo’s are not Nigeria, before the stupid enbesail lord lugard joined Nigeria and before we and Nigeria can never be at peace until they let is to go that all

  16. Hey Mr! What benefits do Nigeria nation offers to her citizens? I am 50 years old. The benefits you mean are such as:
    1) insecurity of lives and properties emanated from the police, custom, army, immigration and navy departments and its officers.
    2) Psychological depression and torture emanated through high degree corruption from the Presidency, Senate, MPs, governors and contractors
    3) Failure of infrastructures in the health and educational sectors
    4) No provision of electricity. Total collapse of ministry of water; No provision of water.
    5) Youth employment stands at almost 50%
    6) Total insecurity from armed robbers, bandits, Boro Haram, Fulani herdsman.
    7) No future plans for the coming generations of Nigeria except looted funds by the politicians and thier cronies.
    8) The youths have taken to crime because they see no role models in the country. Most leaders in the military, custom, navy, immigration, police, government offices, political parties are obvious corrupt and looters.
    These are the benetits that Nigeria has offered to her citizens for the past 50years.

  17. My questions is this and it is very simple,among the people tagged terrorist like nnamdi KANU and others around the world,why is that only him is freely moving around the globe without being comprehended even giving space to write on UK dailys,this limd of terrorist is Worth following.

  18. @Ibrahim you established sharia state nobody cares why is Biafra a nightmare to you northerners parasites ?can’t you be without igbos?

  19. I wonder how this unholy and unGodly matrimony of the British deception called “Nigeria” has managed to be come this day, because looking back before the merger or the “Amalgamation” as many knew it to be of the 1914, before then there is nothing like Nigeria there was only southern and northern protectorate this means that each political region were allowed to self govern as there were many differences between them raging from geographical to climatic difference, ethnical difference such as religious, cultural, mode of reasoning and language.
    In the 1940’s chief obafemi awolowo and Sir Ahmadu Bello called this unification a fraud and a mistake, that the term Nigeria is just for geographical representation and not as a nation of which it is from this little history you would understand that There was never “a One country” never “a one Nation” before a country accepts to be a part of another country, there must be an agreement, a contract signed,sealed and accepted. But in this case there was none, but the era of sheer foolishness is gone, thankfully we are in the Era of choice and and decision and I gladly not minding the cost chose BIAFRA over and time again.
    If it is not BIAFRA it’s nothing…

  20. I am of the opinion that we just like to argue where we should not argue. The truth of the matter is if you want Biafra there must be a way out. No quarrel, insults, hate speech or black mail.
    You have representatives in the national assembly to come together write a joint letter to the president that we want our own country and copy same to the UN. I am sure the UN will force Nigeria to hold a referendum in the east to confirm the people want Biafra. If your representatives refuse, which I am sure refused, the governors could do that, if they also refuse the obis could do that.
    Apart from legal ways, no one will take kanu serious.
    All these shouting no international country has taken it serious unless behind the scenes.
    It is achievable only when done correctly. If not the whole world see you as trouble makers and noise makers

  21. You man that typed this if i come across u live i will taught u are human being not knowing that u are an animal illiterate and a mouthy person. For how long will we keep a corrupted nation like nigeria . let me tell u IPOB will be fulfilled and oduduwa nation will be established and the so called AREWA /northerners/ home of terrorists will hold them self am telling u i am not a nigerian i am a confirmed registed Ooduan tell buhari that i said so if u have his phone number call him that i omoluwabi of oduduwa nation said by 2030 nigeria will become a story like “once upon a time their was a dark and wild nation called nigeria formulated by some corrupted follow leaded by corrupted fellow” and so on

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