The Rate Of Crimes Amongst Nigeria Students:

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Students At The Forefront Of Some Crimes In Nigeria-Chief Justice Of Nigeria:

Nigerian chief justice of the federation, Justice Ibrahim Muhammad, blames crime on nigerian students while speaking at the 7th convocation of Nile university.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), has
lamented on the increased rate of criminalities amongst students of the country’s higher institutions.

while speaking at the 7th Convocation ceremony of the Nile
University of Nigeria, in Abuja,
He urged authorities of the various
institutions of learning to take necessary steps by calling students to Oder to reverse the Shameful trend.

He added that, “The Nigerian Judiciary will always be the hope of everybody,
irrespective of his or her status, ethnicity, and religion in the society. The various acts of criminalities currently invading our various university campuses
across the country is a sad commentary, he stated.

“It is very unfortunate and uncalled for to now see our own students engaging in armed
robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud, ritual killings, trafficking in
illicit drugs amongst others. It is a trend that must be eradicated, as a
matter of urgency.

“If our most cherished and celebrated future leaders are allowed to
wander in such dangerous ways, then the future looks
very dark and blur for us all. Our hope rests on you and you must not let us down.”

Muhammad added, “As I look through this beautiful convocation arena, I
can see the galaxy of stars that are determined to change the world for
the best and make memorable meaningful marks in their various professions, even
on the global stage.

“My candid advice to you all, this morning, is to avoid crime and any
act capable of smearing the good reputation out of you and the image that the nation has carved for you. As we all know, virtue is its own reward.

“Let me assure you that hard work attracts tremendous reward and with
concerted effort, your success in life will know no boundaries.

“The sky will ultimately serve as your foot mat. From this moment on,
you should begin to walk towards the direction of your dreams. By so
doing, you can be rest assured that failure will have no affinity with

“Like I always say, the
Nigerian Judiciary
will always be the hope of everybody, irrespective of his or her
status in the society.

“We will, as usual, be pursuing the total adherence to the zeal of
the rule of law by all citizens because it has always been the bastion
of genuine democracy. Needless to say that disobedience of lawful
court orders is antithetical to a nation’s growth and progress “he added.

“It is our passionate desire to ensure and place the Nigerian judiciary in that
strategic position where the country can occupy a pride of place among other nations.

“By the grace of the Almighty Allah, Nigeria will be great and we all
shall be very proud of our heritage.” he concluded.

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