World International Crusade:

Welcome To That “YOKE MUST BREAK” International Programme, DAY 1:

Here comes the long-awaited Quadrennial Crusade. The Lord himself who’s the YOKE BREAKER is physically present to break every yoke. Whatever constitutes yoke in your life today in the area of marriage, career or ministry shall receive a technical knockout from the Lord.

In this programme, Our Great God shall turn your dead line into a lifeline. You shall take delivery of your testimony. The same grace we are enjoying in this physical location will find expression in your life wherever you are logging on from or following us.

We therefore crave your indulgence to stay tuned, we shall keep you posted on every activity as they unfolds from here.

Follow the Live Streaming of the crusade via:

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries



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