Technology: The End Of Yahoo Groups In October 28th:

“Yahoo”at one time,was one of the most popular and reliable company with so many groups on it, groups like yahoo messenger,email and so on it had its own historic moment in the world and was well known..and it is a company that has been there for years even before the creation of google,yahoo was so profitable that at the time google came out,it wanted to purchase google.
For those of us born in the 80s to 90s will sure be familiar with yahoo.

Yahoo was unable to purchase google because of the confident they had in their company that it will do better than Google like it has always been, but in the end, google took over leaving yahoo bankrupt, yahoo uptil date still regrets not purchasing google as at the time it first landed…

Yahoo company created iconic feature called yahoo groups, that feature was responsible in connecting you to like minded people,work and so on You could even use it for publications.
The thing here is most of the adults today witnesses the yahoo age and it has been part of their lives whether for fun or for work.

But just recently seems that the historic age of yahoo group is fast coming to an end,as the company has announced that it will be disengaging yahoo groups in October 28th,which means you and I cannot join any more yahoo groups or even publish any content. This is really a difficult time for yahoo age and its users.

What is even more is the fact that every other contents on yahoo will be removed. The date for removing all of those contents was pushed back to December to give yahoo users to save their data else where to avoid lost of anything or quick notification.

From the look of things,it is safe to say that an historic age for yahoo is coming to the end of the road…

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