Girl Who Was Raped By Father And Brother Drags Them To Court:

17-year-old girl has mercilessly drags her father Ibrahim Danlami Yunusa to a magistrate court in gombe northern nigeria for allegedly assaulting and raping her brutally several times with no human feelings which resulted to her carrying his baby, that he will become a father and a grandfather at the same time to the unborn child.

Yunusa, who is a resident of a Town named Dadin Kowa town Yamaltu Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State, is said to have been arraigned by the magistrate court on a two-count charge under Sections 390 and 282 of the Penal Code respectively for allegedly having forceful carnal knowledge of his own 17-year-old innocent biological daughter on several occasions with no mercy or pity. He shameslessly raped her sometimes last year and early this year repeatedly. Is he even human……

Apart from her shameless father, the broken helpless teenaged girl also accused her evil elder brother who is an accomplice, now at large of also molesting her repeatedly and brutally between December 2018 and January 2019 how sad could this be for her.

According to the law suit Bolari Area Court which was filed in September, the 17-year-old girl sadly said her father started molesting her after she reported to him that her elder brother, Yusuf, was sneaking into her room in the night to forcefully place himself on top of her with the hope that the shameless father will save her,but instead father paid deaf ears. And joined his son to molest her.

She added that whenever she attempted to resist the abominable affait with her father, he threatened to disown her.

The broken girl told North East Trust that she decided to report both of them to court when she noticed that she has conceived a child and both of them refused to take responsibility of their handwork.

She stated and i quote sadly;“My father and my brother have slept with me several times which led to this eight-month pregnancy. However, i informed them and they both sternly declined to take responsibility, therefore, I decided to report them to the court,” she said.

Meanwhile, the shameless father was asked by the court but sadly he denied the allegations, stating that a taxi driver that once had an affair with his daughter so that’s who should be held responsible and not him.

Ibrahim Yunusa also saved his son from the allegation, stating that her brother was absent when her pregnancy was confirmed.

He, however, confirmed that she once informed him that her elder brother was sleeping with her so after all, she didn’t lie about that.
He further told the court that on how he gave the girl’s mother, who was his ex-wife as at then and now money to abort the pregnancy.

However, the state counsel, Yakubu Gombe Ahmad, stated that; the court lacked jurisdiction to take the case under Section 211 (2) of 1999 constitution as amended.

Furthermore, the court handed over the case to the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for proper investigation of the case.
the case was adjourned to November 13, to allow police to conclude their investigation and seek for legal advice from the state’s Ministry of Justice.

She also ordered the accused person to be remanded in prison custody and the hunt for her brother sad!

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